Crystal Bowersox Wants to Provide Son Good Model for Marriage

crystal bowersox
Engaged Crystal Bowersox wants son to witness a happy marriage

Crystal Bowersox of American Idol fame wants to give her son Tony, 1-1/2, something she never had: an example of what a happy marriage looks like. The singer announced last week that she was engaged to musician Brian Walker. “I’ve never really in my life had a great representation of what a good marriage is,” said Bowersox. “My parents divorced, and a lot of people in my family are divorced, so I hope to give my son a great model of what a happy marriage is or relationship could be.”

“Brian’s known me for a long time, and so he’s been a part of my life for a long time,” she said. “He’s known my boy. They laugh constantly. It’s hilarious.”

And what kind of bride will the never-married before gal be? Don’t expect a Bridezilla.

“None of it has to be perfect just the part of saying, ‘I do.’ That’s the only thing that really matters, right?” she says. “If everything else goes wrong, it doesn’t matter. We’re married. We’ve got the rest of our lives to have fun.”


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