Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson Starring In A New Crime Drama?


I was kind of surprised to hear that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is reportedly set to star in a new crime drama, Freelancers. I knew he was interested in acting, but never thought he’d get a starring role.

35-year-old Jackson is also producing Freelancers. He’s becoming quite the entrepreneur: he recently started his own production company, Cheetah Vision Films, which has a $200 million,  ten-picture deal with Lionsgate! So that’s how he got the starring role!

What’s the film going to be about? Well according to Variety, Jackson will play the son of a murdered New York City police officer. He joins the force himself in the vice crime task force, and ends up on a team of “rogue Gotham cops.”

Filming is set to begin on March 28 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Jackson said of his growth to MTV, “With each individual project, I work with someone that makes sure I’m completely prepared for it.” “I feel like I’m growing. When the projects get bigger and better the public will start to shift and treat me like anyone else’s progress.”

How do you think 50 Cent will do in a starring role of a film? Can you see him as both a rapper and an actor?

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