Cute Alert! Dermot Mulroney Hangs Out With a Penguin (Photos)

Dermot Mulroney and His New Pal

Now this is pretty damn adorable. Actor (and dad) Dermot Mulroney made a new friend, a king penguin at SeaWorld’s Penguin Encounter in San Diego.

Dermot and his family not only met the penguins but they also fed sea turtles, interacted with dolphins and met beluga whales and walruses. Dermot Mulroney recently starred in not one but two films about wildlife – ‘The Grey’ and ‘Big Miracle, and apparently this made quite an impact on him. He reportedly is making a

“generous contribution to the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, which grants money to conservation and animal protection projects all around the globe.”

Check out another photo of Dermot and his penguin pal right here: Photos:

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