Cute Alert! This Is How Orlando Bloom Wears His Baby (Photos)

Orlando Bloom and Baby Flynn

There is no greater a fashion accessory than a baby. Okay, they’re not really a “fashion accessory” per se, they’re just super cute, tres chic and usually very stylish (plus or minus the spit-up). And when one pairs an adorable baby with a very handsome father, well it makes some women just get weak in the knees. A fine example of this phenomenon? Orlando Bloom and his baby Flynn.

Orlando Bloom was spotted in New York City carrying his and Miranda Kerr’s young boy Flynn about in a baby carrier, making every woman in her child bearing years have pangs of baby and baby daddy envy.

Check out more adorable photos of the duo right here!

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    Orlando Bloom
    Orlando Bloom, his baby and cell phone - multi-tasking like the rest of us.
  • Orlando Bloom 2 of 5
    Orlando Bloom
    The baby seems pretty content, but how could he not?
  • Orlando Bloom 3 of 5
    Orlando Bloom
    Orlando wears this baby pretty darn well.
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    Orlando Bloom
    It's nice to see a dad so ready and willing to carry their baby.
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    Baby Flynn
    Check out how cute this baby is!