12 Months of Cute Celebrity Kids


  • Seraphina Affleck (Ben Affleck 1 of 12
    Seraphina Affleck (Ben Affleck
    January 6, 2009: We can’t believe that little Seraphina is turning 2… or that there hasn’t been a Garner-Affleck baby #3 yet!
  • Eden 2 of 12
    Feb 20, 2007: We can only hope Marcia Cross’s twins (who turn 4 in February) are this happy when they’re teenage girls fighting over each other’s wardrobes!
  • Satyana Marie Denisof (Alexis Denisof 3 of 12
    Satyana Marie Denisof (Alexis Denisof

    March 24, 2009: We’re still not entirely sure why her parents went with the name “Satyana,” but Alyson Hannigan’s almost 2-year-old is cute enough that we don’t care!
  • Suri Cruise (Tom Cruise 4 of 12
    Suri Cruise (Tom Cruise
    April 18, 2006: We can’t wait to see what kind of extravaganza awaits Hollywood’s tiniest fashionista when she turns 5 this year.
  • Sadie Sandler (Adam 5 of 12
    Sadie Sandler (Adam
    May 6, 2006: With a resume that already includes You Don’t Mess with the Zohan and Grown Ups, it wouldn’t surprise us if Adam Sandler’s cutie inherited a movie studio for her 5th birthday!
  • Stella Doreen McDermott (Tori Spelling 6 of 12
    Stella Doreen McDermott (Tori Spelling

    June 9, 2008: We don’t know how mom Tori is going to top last year’s Barbie cake, but we’ll be watching to see what masterpiece she concocts when Stella turns 3 in June.
  • Levi McConaughey (Matthew McConaughey 7 of 12
    Levi McConaughey (Matthew McConaughey

    July 7, 2008: How many hearts do you think this pint-size Casanova has stolen at the tender age of 3?
  • John Brady (Tom Brady 8 of 12
    John Brady (Tom Brady
    August 22, 2007: John Brady is turning 4; perfect timing for dad Tom Brady to enroll him in pee-wee football!
  • Danielynn Birkhead (Anna Nicole Smith 9 of 12
    Danielynn Birkhead (Anna Nicole Smith
    September 7, 2006: We’ve never seen Anna Nicole’s mini-me without a smile, and we don’t expect that to change when she turns 5 in September!
  • Lou Samuel (Heidi Klum 10 of 12
    Lou Samuel (Heidi Klum
    Oct 9, 2009: We can’t wait to find out if Lou, who turns 2 in October, will be more of a fashion-plate like Mom or a singer like Dad. Perhaps a bit of both?
  • Ruby Maguire (Tobey Maguire 11 of 12
    Ruby Maguire (Tobey Maguire
    Nov 11, 2006: Toby Maguire’s daughter will be 5 in November. Wonder if she realizes her father is Spiderman yet?
  • Charlie 12 of 12
    December 28, 2008: Mom Rebecca Romijn says her twins are nothing alike… does that mean she has to throw separate birthday parties when they turn 3 in December?

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