Cute! What Ben Affleck's Girls Wrote on His Hands for Golden Globes?

Ben Affleck’s Daughters Love His Hands

Okay, this is totally adorable! When Ben Affleck won the best directing award at the Critics’ Choice Awards and if you saw the footage or the photos from his win, you might have noticed the scribbles on his hands. His daughters wrote on his hands in support of their dad and his quest for the big win. It worked. Word got out that people thought it was cute and the girl’s decided they had to write on dad’s hands again for luck! This time in hopes he wins some awards for his Golden Globe nominated film Argo.

What did they write?  On his left hand it said, “Violet (heart)’s for daddy,” and on the right hand it just said really big ARGO.

How cute having his girls as cheerleaders!

(Photo Source: PR Photos)

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