Top 50 Cutest Celebrity Kids


  • Sunday Rose Urban 1 of 11
    Sunday Rose Urban
    Since this daughter of two Aussie parents is being raised in Nashville, Sunday Rose Urban is likely to have a highly unique southern/Australian drawl — adorbs.
  • Naleigh Kelley 2 of 11
    Naleigh Kelley
    Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley’s daughter makes our heart
    swoon every time we look at those chubby cheeks.
  • Seraphina Affleck 3 of 11
    Seraphina Affleck
    Not the spitting image of mom that big sis, Violet, is, Seraphina seems to favor Ben’s genes — and hey, that isn’t the worst DNA to inherit.
  • Stella McDermott 4 of 11
    Stella McDermott
    Like brother, Liam, Stella’s an adorable addition to Mom & Dad’s reality show. She seems to have two expressions: happy and inquisitive!
  • Dannielynn Birkhead 5 of 11
    Dannielynn Birkhead
    Whenever we glimpse a photo of the always colorfully-dressed Danielynn — like this one where’s she’s swinging with dad, Larry, we have to hope she’s totally clueless about the “Who’s the Daddy?” battle that surrounded her birth.
  • Isabella Damon 6 of 11
    Isabella Damon
    Isabella’s one of four ladies in Matt Damon’s life — wife, Luciana, step-daughter, Alexis, and 18-month-old daughter, Gia — and whether being scooped up by Matt or holding his hand, she’s definitely a daddy’s girl.
  • Sam Woods 7 of 11
    Sam Woods
    Thankfully, cutie-pie Sam Woods and her younger brother, Charlie, are way too young to understand the drama surrounding their famous father.
  • Nahla Aubry 8 of 11
    Nahla Aubry
    When your mom’s Halle Berry and dad, Gabriel, is a model-hunk who looks like this, well, it was a shoo-in that their offspring was going to be gorgeous.
  • Estela Monteverde 9 of 11
    Estela Monteverde
    No special lighting, no hair & make-up — just natural cuteness! And check out this Easter twit-pic of Ali Landry’s daughter.
  • Valentina Hayek-Pinault 10 of 11
    Valentina Hayek-Pinault
    It's a given that the child of one of the most gorgeous actresses in the world would be cute: just look at this photo of Valentina in stylish sync with mom, Salma.
  • Zahara Jolie-Pitt 11 of 11
    Zahara Jolie-Pitt
    Polar opposite of tomboy Shiloh, girlie girl Zahara — in her muted hues and striped tights — manages to make even thumb-sucking look, well, cute.

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