Cybil Sheppard's Son Entering Rehab


Yesterday, Cameron Douglas was sentenced to 5 years in prison for selling drugs, after emotional disclosures from his father, Michael Douglass about his son’s rehab history. Now today comes word that another celebrity son is headed for rehab. Cybil Sheppard’s son, Cyrus Sheppard-Oppenheim, will be entering rehab as a requirement of a pre-trial diversion program, steming from his arrest in January.

Sheppard-Oppenheim, 22, is a first-time offender. Back in January, he was charged with robbing his fellow passengers on an overnight flight from San Francisco to Philadelphia, where he is a law student at University of Pennsylvania.

On a random aside, I have always wondered if people tried to do this–rob sleeping passengers on a plane. Seems risky. Then again, he got caught, so I guess I have my answer.

No word on whether the rehab program is for drug or alcohol abuse. Either way, let’s hope that rehab is the right place for him and he finds the help he needs.

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