Cybill Shepherd: From Ingénue to Grandma But Still Totally Hot (PHOTOS)


Cybill ShephardI always liked Cybill Shepherd. She’s a little bit wacky, always original and keeps things interesting. And another thing about her? She’s embracing her age.  While some of her peers can’t get work or strive to looks and act younger, she’s going for a more age appropriate role, that of …grandma. She’s been in the business for quite a while having started modeling at the age of 16, she then began to star in TV (Moonlighting and Cybill) and movies and at 40 she began starring in L’Oreal cosmetics commercials. She has had her own battles with aging.  She told Oprah that “I had a great fear as grew older that I would not be valued anymore,” she said. “That I would be like a beautiful old shoe that was all wrinkled and nobody wanted to wear it anymore.”

Another aging low point was when she realized she didn’t turn heads anymore, “I remember distinctly the time walking across the street once with my two daughters, Ariel and Clementine, and noticing that the men were looking at them and not me,” she said. “It was disturbing.” And now at the age of sixty, she “took stock” saying on Oprah that, “If we don’t work to develop that depth and [have] more fun too—and really laughing and crying as much as possible—learning to love ourselves as we age is one of the most challenging things we can do,” she said. “Look at everything and find something you can love about your body.”

This mom of three (Clementine Ford born 1979 and twins Cyrus Zachariah and Molly Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim born 1987) is returning to TV playing Julie Benz’s mom Barbara Crane on ‘No Ordinary Family.’

Do you think she can still play younger than “grandma”?

Cybill Shepherd

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