Cyndi Lauper Has A "Bad Reaction To A Facial"

Cyndi Lauper Before Her Bad Reaction To A Facial

Ouch! Have you seen the pictures of pop-star Cyndi Lauper after she supposedly had a bad reaction to a facial?

There has been a paparazzi picture floating around that puts the fair-skinned singer in a less-than-perfect looking light.

Cyndi, best known for her 80’s hits “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and “Time After Time” was caught at Los Angeles International Airport this week looking very, well…red!

What happened to her? Lots of rumors going around about a plastic surgery mix up or maybe a beauty treatment mishap. Chemical peel? A really bad sunburn?

Nothing as shocking or exciting as any of that.

A rep of Cyndi’s mentioned that she was in town for a meeting and had a reaction to a spa treatment. He went on to say that the rash was nothing to be worried about, and although it was painful-looking, it was just a bad reaction to a facial.

Cyndi herself was quoted as saying “I’m just suffering from a rash. I’m going to be okay, really.”

I’ll admit, it looks strikingly similar to someone who has had a chemical peel. Whether it’s from that or it really is a rash, you’ve got to feel bad for the pain she must be in!

Have you seen the pictures? Do you think it is a bad rash or a chemical peel?

Photo: PR Photos

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