Cynthia Nixon Is Sexy In The City


cynthia-nixon-daughter-sex-and-the-cityCynthia Nixon  and her daughter Samantha were spotted out and about in Manhattan.

They were walking with Rosario Dawson who, when I first read the caption on the picture thought it said Rosie Perez, looks nothing like Rosie Perez. cynthia-nixon-daughter-sex-and-the-city

Cynthia’s daughter is 15, cute and sure to grow into a beauty, but is it me or does she appear to be in her awkward stage?

I don’t mean anything horrible by asking that. I’m sure she’s a lovely girl.

I remember my own awkward stage quite well. I didn’t quite know what to do with myself.   I didn’t quite know what my own personal style was, or how I wanted to do my hair. I was all arms and legs.

Do you remember your awkward stage? What will you do to help your kids remain confident through theirs?


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