Dad Ben Affleck Takes Up Smoking Again?!? (Photos)

Ben Sucking on a Cancer Stick

Ben Affleck had been a smoker for almost twenty years. He had described the habit as “part of who I was”.  But he decided to try to quit, and for a very good reason; he was about to become a dad for the first time. He told Oprah that, “I finally decided to quit smoking when I was gonna have a child. That was the thing that sort of put it over the top for me.”

After going through hypnosis he quit, and I’m sure then he thought it was for good. He once said, “my last cigarette was on November 10th, 2005… I feel a huge difference in my health now that I don’t smoke. I feel like I’m in better shape than I was five years ago.” But that is all in the past, and now the dad of two, who is expecting his third with wife Jennifer Garner, gave in to the nicotine gods.

Ben was spotted smoking on the set of his new film Argo. And it wasn’t part of the role, he was smoking between takes.  Check out photos of Ben smoking here. Hopefully he just fell off the wagon a little and won’t be going back to his full time smoking ways.

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    Ben Affleck
    The dad of two - soon to be three - was spotted smoking.
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    Ben Affleck
    After attempting to quit, Ben is back on the nicotine train.
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    Ben Affleck
    In wardrobe for his role in the 70s period piece Argo.
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    Ben Affleck
    Running to the set.
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    Ben Affleck
    He paired his smoking with a Gatorade.
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    Ben Affleck
    Hopefully he'll quit smoking again someday soon.