Dad Roberto Alomar: Details On The Shocking Divorce Papers Filed By Wife Maripily

Maripily: Shocking accusations against husband Roberto Alomar

Roberto Alomar is faced with some shocking allegations in divorce papers being filed by his wife. Maria Del Pilar Rivera Alomar, aka Puerto Rican celebrity Maripily, claims that the former baseball superstar had unprotected relations with her despite the fact that he is HIV positive, a longstanding rumor that Alomar has never confirmed.

In fact, Maria defended her husband, who has a son from a previous marriage, when another woman accused him of essentially the same thing in a $15 million lawsuit filed last year. Ilya Dall claimed that Alomar had unprotected relations with her for four years despite knowing that he actually had AIDS. That lawsuit was settled earlier this year.

Alomar, for his part, denied last year that he had AIDS in an interview with the New York Post. His wife, who has been called her country’s Paris Hilton, says her husband insisted that he did not have the disease when they got married last year.

Maripily has also alleged that her husband threatened her with a knife during their 14-month marriage, while he has publicly denounced her for conducting interviews about the divorce clad only in a skimpy shirt and short-shorts.


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