Daddy David Beckham Got A New Tattoo! (PHOTOS)


becksjesus3Soccer superstar, model and dad of three David Beckham got himself some new ink. The hottie, who already has almost totally tattooed arms was spotted with a new tribute on his torso. The new tat was revealed when he tore off his shirt at the AC Milan cd. Juventus game in Turin, Italy.  What is his new tattoo?


It’s of Jesus. It appears to be a copy of Matthew Brooks painting The Man of Sorrows. This is Beckham’s fourth tat that “depicts Christian iconography.” This one joins the “crucifix on the back of his neck, a guardian angel between his shoulder blades and an angel on his right shoulder.”  And religion isn’t the only thing he celebrates on his skin, he also has his wife and three kids names inked on there somewhere!

What do you think of Beckham’s new tattoo?