Daddy David Beckham Helps With Homework Via Skype


DV199083It’s always hard when a dad (or mom) is one the road, working away from home.  But as any family knows, you just gotta make it work. How does the superstar family of David and Victoria Beckham bridge the gap?

They use technology.

Victoria told the website Absolute Now that:

“David’s in Milan at the moment. I’m here and the kids are at school. The other night I said to David, ‘I am really struggling with the homework here and I have so much going on at the house’ so I sat Brooklyn down in front of the computer and they Skyped for 20 minutes. Brooklyn did his reading to Daddy over the Skype.”

David had previously talked about his sons’ schoolwork being “complicated.” A while ago he stated: “Their homework is so hard these days. I sat down with Brooklyn the other day — and I was like, ‘Victoria, maybe you should do the homework tonight.” Looks like it’s his turn now!