Dads on Vacation - Celebrity Edition! (Photos)


Hugh Jackman on vacation!


There is a hilarious Tumblr site called Dads on Vacation, a user submitted collection of photos of everyday dads enjoying some time off.

Well, we thought we’d collect our own version. Not of everyday dads on vacation but of dads that just happen to be rich and famous. Welcome to our Dads on Vacation – Celebrity Edition!

They don’t go to Branson or Yellowstone.  Nope, from St. Tropez, to Spain, to Maui to Australia, check out these photos of such celebrity dads like Dr. Drew, P Diddy and Hugh Jackman right here.

  • Seal in Spain 1 of 10
    Seal in Spain
    With an arm full of kid.
  • Joe Montana 2 of 10
    Joe Montana
    Enjoys the beach.
  • Liev Schrieber 3 of 10
    Liev Schrieber
    Barefoot at Bronte Beach, Sydney.
  • P Didd 4 of 10
    P Didd
    Checks out the buns in St. Tropez.
  • Boris Becker 5 of 10
    Boris Becker
    Boris Becker gets burned.
  • Dr. Drew Pinsky 6 of 10
    Dr. Drew Pinsky
    Goes for a dip in Hawaii.
  • Gavin Rossdale 7 of 10
    Gavin Rossdale
    Gavin Rossdale does some stretching in Antibes, France.
  • Hugh Jackman 8 of 10
    Hugh Jackman
    Makes a splash in St. Tropez.
  • Adam Sandler 9 of 10
    Adam Sandler
    Big boy, small pail.
  • Dave Matthews 10 of 10
    Dave Matthews
    He sings, he acts, he vacations!

Which Top Celeb Vacation Spots did the stars strike this summer?