The Daily Shows Samantha Bee & Dino Dans Allana Harkin Join Babble!

Samantha Bee and Allana Harkin

I have two new co-workers and I am like so totally excited. I can’t wait to go to meetings, drink one too many Appletini’s at the holiday Christmas party, and gossip at the water cooler with them. Who are these clever, witty and whip smart new Babble bloggers? The one and only Samantha Bee of The Daily Show fame and Dino Dan’s Allana Harkin.

When Samantha Bee isn’t yucking it up with husband Jason Jones (who also is on The Daily Show), raising her three kids Piper, Fletcher and Ripley, and writing the occasion book (I Know I Am, But What Are You?) she’ll be sharing her wit and wisdom with us here at Babble. And Samantha isn’t alone, she is paired with pal and fellow mom, comedian and writer Allana Harkin.

So why did they join us here at Babble? They address this stating:

“One might ask “why take up blogging now? Aren’t my inter-tubes already clogged with more useless parenting advice than I can possibly handle?”  Well, for your information, not only will there be no actual advice, but Babble is paying us over ten billion dollars* for our random musings. In fact, they are happy to do it, and informed us that by 2013, we will own the Babble brand, and can do anything we want with it, including one day, turning it into a chain of childrens tanning salons*.”

Yes, we’ve been warned.

You can check out Samantha and Allana’s brand new blog Eating Over the Kitchen Sink right here!