Dakota Fanning's Little Sis Makes Six-Figure Salary


ellefanning-11Mommy and daddy Fanning must be proud. Not only is their 15-year-old daughter Dakota already making serious bank as a child star, but now their 12-year-old Elle is starting to bring home the bacon as well. According to documents filed in LA County court, Elle Fanning is getting paid a cool $125,000 to appear in her upcoming movie Somewhere.

Not only that, Elle and her mother were put up in a 5-star hotel and got a $75 per diem during filming. Imagine taking a free vacation while your kid makes $125K, that a double whammy for her mother Joy Fanning. Sheesh.

Elle is starring alongside Stephen Dorff in Sofia Coppola’s new flick Somewhere.

Seriously, how’d you like for you kids to make that kind of money? Would you quit and become a stay at home parent? I bet Jon Gosselin would.