Damian Lewis Is One Of The Hottest Red Headed Celebrity Dads! But, Not For The Reason You Think! (Photos)!


Damian Lewis is one of the hottest red headed celebrity dads! But, not for the reason you think!  The Homeland actor recieved a prestigious London award today and was looking hot!

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    Damian Lews
    Damian Lewis poses for a photograph as he is awarded the Freedom of the City of London at The Guildhall in London.
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    Damian Lewis The Homeland star was awarded  a Golden Globe in January for his role as Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody in the hit Showtime series, and now, he has been awarded the Freedom of the City of London for his acting achievements.
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    The 42-year-old actor looked handsome in a navy suit and bright blue tie and his very neat red head of hair!
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    I have to say I am not typically attracted to men with red hair. It is just a thing since I am a red head myself. But, he is such a brilliant actor that is works well for him!, I totally believe he is workign for the governent and buy into his story!!! So yeah, my husband knows about the crush!
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    "It's remarkable, I'm still surprised. I wasn't quite sure if they'd got the right person, so I'm very happy to be here. It's a rare occasion,"he reportedly said upon being presented with the honor.
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    "I feel like a Londoner through and through actually," he added. "London is the greatest city in the world, I think."

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