Dan Connolly Kick Return: Showing Kids that Big Guys Can Run Too! (Video)


dan connolly kick returnThere’s a rule in pee-wee football – big guys can’t run with the ball.  The theory is that if a big guy runs with the ball the smaller guys could hurt themselves trying to stop them. 

That rule was definitely broken last night in the NFL last night when New England guard Dan Connolly made a 71-yard kickoff return against the Green Bay Packers.  The run is the longest ever for an offensive lineman in NFL history.

Watch Dan Connolly’s kick return…..

It proves to all those pee-wee players why it’s necessary for them to run all those drills in practice – running, catching, passing, and kick returns because someday they might find themselves in position with the ball running down the field like Dan Connolly’s kick return.  It may not have been pretty.  He may have carried the ball in both arms just waiting for someone to take him out, but he made it all the way down the field to the four-yard-line. 

Dan Connolly’s kick return will be one for the history books for those big boys in the pee-wees and his own daughter to look up to for years to come.

Photo: Wikipedia

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