Dana Carvey: Church Lady Can't Resist Justin Bieber On SNL (VIDEO)

justin bieber dana carvey snl
Justin Bieber Visits Church Lady on SNL

Dana Carvey returned to SNL last night to resurrect his famous character, The Church Lady. During the skit on Saturday Night Live last night, Justin Bieber showed up, proving that even The Church Lady can’t resist him. In case you missed it, you can watch Justin Bieber on SNL in the video clip below.

In the video, Justin Bieber flashes a sexy smile and tries to win over The Church Lady, when she suddenly hears a deep voice, which turns out to be Jesus. Jesus comes to warn her not to “give into the flesh”, to which The Church Lady declares, “I want a piece of that Bieber!”

The skit ends with The Church Lady coming to her senses, and doing a little dance with Biebs.

What did you think of Dana Carvey and Justin Bieber on Saturday Night Live?

Photo: PRPhotos