Dana Carvey on SNL - Why Is Dana Carvey Hosting Saturday Night Live This Week?

dana carvey
Dana Carvey on Saturday Night Live

Whoa time warp!  Dana Carvey and Mike Myers were back in the basement at Waynes’ World tonight.  Then Dana was yucking it up with John Lovitz in the Saturday Night Live monologue.  No you haven’t entered a weird time warp and been transported back to the early 90’s, Dana Carvey is hosting the very show that made him famous. 

Why is Dana Carvey hosting Saturday Night Live this week?

There really is no apparent reason that Dana Carvey is hosting Saturday Night Live this week.  He’s not hyping a new movie although his first movie since 2002 may or may not come out sometime this year.  He doens’t have a new television show in the works having already tried the tv route with the 1996 flop The Dana Carvey Show. 

Nope Dana Carvey is not using Saturday Night Live to promote anything other than the glory years of SNL.  In the first few minutes he’s already brought out Garth from Wayne’s World and The Church Lady giving me a flashback to those glory college years.    So basically he’s only on board at SNL to remind us how great the show used to be!

Photo: SNL