Dana Plato's Son Passes Away At 25


This is so sad.

Eleven years ago Dana Plato, beloved for her role on Different Strokes, ended her life from a drug overdose of prescription pills. Her son has now suffered the same fate.
Tyler Lambert, just 25, committed suicide with a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head on May 6.

Toxicology tests are pending, but it is believed that he went on a drug binge caused from depression surrounding the anniversary of his mother’s death.

Lambert’s grandmother said, “Tyler wanted to be with his mother. His father Lanny (Lambert, Plato’s ex-husband) is devastated,” says in a yet unpublished National Enquirer piece.

Back in 2006, when he was just 21, he filed a $20,000 wrongful death lawsuit against his mother’s former fiance, claiming he contributed to Plato’s death by “not giving immediate medical assistance or contacting medical personnel,” according to court documents.

We wish his family and loved ones the best.


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