Dancing with the Oldies or DWTS - How Old Are Florence Henderson and David Hasselhoff?


Dancing for an audience is generally a young person’s game. The hoofers that hit the stage and sashay under the spotlights are usually in their late teens or twenties. But Dancing with the Stars is an equal opportunity employer. They do not discriminate. They’ll take celebrities of any age.  So how did the oldest dancers perform on Monday’s episode? And how old Florence Henderson and David Hasselhoff anyways?

Florence Henderson is a mom to four and looks amazing for her 76 years.  She is saucy and has a sailor’s mouth and she was blessed with a great set of gams, especially for a granny.  When asked how she kept so fab at her age she said that you should, “Enjoy every day, and have confidence, know life is worth living. Stay interested, stay interesting. Don’t be boring.” She was sizzling on the dance floor but still needs some work. She scored a respectable 18.

David Hasselhoff — this dad of two is 58 and keeps true to his Knightrider  persona. He said his, “heart is in the right place, but my body is old.” And his heart didn’t catch up to his feet or limbs, he scored a low 15 and some would argue that was even too much.

How did you think they did?