Dancing With The Stars 2010 ABC: Did Democrats Vote For Bristol Palin On Dancing With The Stars?

dancing with the stars 2010 abc bristol palin finals
Did Bristol Palin Get Dancing with the Stars 2010 ABC Democrat Voters Support?

Dancing With The Stars 2010 on ABC has definitely created quite a stir after Bristol Palin made it to the Dancing With The Stars finals instead of Brandy. There are theories going around that the reason Bristol Palin got through to the DWTS finals is because of some sort of Tea Party conspiracy, or even a flaw in the online voting. Did democrats vote for Bristol Palin?

Mark Ballas seems to think so. Mark, Bristol’s dancing partner this season on DWTS, is standing up for her and says, “I’ve had many democrats tell me they find Bristol relatable. They appreciate her being out of her element and find her journey as a non performer inspiring.”

Whether people like it or not, Bristol Palin will be competing in the Dancing With The Stars finals next week. Republican or Democrat party affiliation aside, will you watch Bristol Palin on the DWTS final?