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Dancing with the Stars 2010 ABC: Online Voting Flaw to Blame for Bristol Palin in DWTS Finals?

By WendyM |

dancing with the stars 2010 abc online voting system flaw bristol palin finals

Is Dancing with the Stars 2010 ABC online voting flawed?

The Dancing with the Stars 2010 ABC final 3 is in place for next week’s finale, but is an online voting flaw to blame for Bristol Palin’s move to the DWTS finals?

Should Dancing with the Stars reconsider their voting procedures to make the process more fair? Or will shows like this continue to be more of a popularity contest than a talent competition?

Dancing with the Stars 2010 ABC voting procedure flaws and voter fraud may be part of the reason that Bristol Palin advanced to the finals over Brandy, who had a perfect score for one of her semi-final performances.

Are Tea Party and Sarah Palin supporters working the flawed Dancing with the Stars online voting system, submitting as many votes as they can to push the “teen activist” forward? points to conservative sites’ message boards telling the tale of cheating the online voting, as the site will allow an infinite number of votes to be cast by simply using fake email addresses.

One commenter posted:

“Here’s a hint: They don’t have to be VALID email addresses to register them with, there is apparently no validation process. The just have to be formatted like a valid email address, and you must use a valid zip code and a birthdate that makes you old enough to vote. I’m voting like a democrat, all night long…”

Another comment on the message board said they spent three hours voting for Bristol Palin, racking up 300 votes!

Is the Dancing with the Stars 2010 ABC online voting so flawed that Bristol made it through? Should DWTS revise their online voting procedures so it’s more fair?

Is this way of voting for Bristol cheating?

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124 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars 2010 ABC: Online Voting Flaw to Blame for Bristol Palin in DWTS Finals?

  1. Gloria says:

    HOW DID BRISTOL GET TO THE FINALS AND not BRANDY? Bristol has come a long way; but, she CAN’T DANCE.

  2. sansee says:

    I voted by phone and my fourth vote did not register even though it stated I can vote five times from any phone. However, when I called back the fifth vote was register….the machine was defective….

  3. T Snyder says:

    There is no room for politics in this show!! They need to also look at the role model this girl has personified!! Do I want my daughter to emulate this girl – NO WAY!! Have a baby young and out of wedlock and still garner all the votes for a TV show – she has talent but not enough to compete against the likes of Brandy! So sorry Brandy!!! We will miss your talent and that is what this show is all about!!!!!

  4. Donna says:

    Bristol got to the finals because of her mother and the Republicans who voted over and over to get her there. That was very dishonest and low, especially when she cannot dance. As for Brandy she did it by the books and danced her heart out and she is the winner in my heart and will always be the winner because she did it fairly and go a long way in life. I love you Brandy.

  5. maxine hyde says:

    The system has to be flawed and that is cheating to send in lots of votes as everyone knows bristol is not a good dancer

  6. Mark in SC says:

    The body language and facial expressions of everyone showed they were completely shocked that Brandy got voted off. Bristol and her partner’s expressions show they were shocked they weren’t voted off.

  7. dawn langenderfer says:

    Talk about riding on your mommies political coat tails. Bristol should have been eliminated weeks ago! I Liken her dancing to that of Kate plus 8 what a robot! She beat out Brandy and Maks how and why the ability, style and grace is not there shame on the people who think she compares to anyone of the dancers who are left to compete!

  8. Linda says:

    I am disgusted that Bristol survived when so many others worked just as hard as she claims and progressed even further. If she wins the competition, I will stop watching. I vote my alotment each week- this year for Derek and Jennifer who are outstanding. Bristol is not a star in any sense. She should not have been invited. It is just a Palin push for the limelight. This system must be changed. If there has been fraud, Bristol should be removed and Brandy re-instated. She should gracefully bow out as she has no business being in the finals.

  9. Sharon North Carolina says:

    Bristol should be embarrassed by this. If she wins, the sham will be as obvious as her baby bump.

  10. Linda says:

    My comments are above.

  11. K. Jamison says:

    Dancing with the stars is now another means of pushing the republican agenda. Why not give an UNKNOWN unwed mother an opportunity to provide for her child? Bristol would not have made it past the first elimination had her last name not been PALIN. Making this political was a BIG MISTAKE. Where’s the phone number? We need to be blowing up the phones at ABC.

  12. T.angie says:

    Plain and simple ! Brandy got robbed!!

  13. Susan says:

    I feel sorry for Bristol; yes, she has come a long way, but will never be able to dance like Brandy. Bristol is now a pawn in another conservative “cheat-to-win” scheme where, just like Bush in 2004, you can steal your way to the top. Bristol knows she would never be a Brandy, and should she actually be 1 of the last 2, the cheating would be so obvious that she should refuse the prize. Shame on ABC for not protecting its talent! We have seen this in prior seasons and, when they said Kyle was safe, we knew what was coming last night. I hope the conservatives who love to cheat will some day realize that the world they live in will not tolerate cheaters, bullies or other low-lifes. Now, Sarah and the rest of Bristol’s family cannot protect Bristol from knowing that there is no pride in winning by cheating. All her hard work goes unrecognized because the nation cheated. Well, congratulations to all those who “spent 3 hours” sending a never-will-be to the top.

  14. Cash says:

    Something just ain’t right. Unless Bristol bows out and allows Brandy to return I will never watch this show again. What a JOKE! Once again its not what you know but who you know. Gonna tell all my friends and family to boycott as well.

  15. Dean says:

    I tried to vote five times for Brandy, but the machine told me on my 3rd try that I had used up all my votes. It is clear to everyone that Brandy is the better dancer and with her being there it would have been a better and much more interesting final.

  16. jcanderson says:

    for some reason i thought she was better than her mother “joke”. she is doing better but not enough to be in thr semi or finals. this is sad that tps need to do this to win sp is the head dog. open your eyes abc this is not a personalitie contest. and even if was bristal has no personalitie. yalent show is what it is. bristol you can’t dance get over it. sp stay out of it. you make her look like the only way she can win is to cheat,just like you and the uneduacted people who follow you.

  17. Rosa Paldino says:

    I’ve been watching DWTS since 1st season and was extremely disappointed how America could choose someone Bristol) that CANNOT dance over someone that actually had a huge chance of winning (Brandy). I’m very upset over this voting systme. Is Sara Palin up to NO GOOD AGAIN?

  18. sharon b. says:

    I have read all of the comments above and have heard many more from friends and family that watched the show. While all of my votes have been going towards Derrick and Jennifer I do have to say that Max and Brandy should have been voted into the final 3. The fact that some of the other talented LESS KNOW people did not make it longer is really a shame. I am a former dancer and know the impact it has on your mind and body. Putting aside all of her history, political family etc. this is a dance contest. Sob stories, adversity and political standing should not be a reason to vote for someone. There willingness to learn something new, put in an effort and show how well you can perform under pressure is what you should base your votes on. I really do believe that the show should stop the sob story history of all the participants and focus on how well they are doing on the show from day one. I really think that the history of these stars has no bearing on this show and I do believe it does sway the voters in their choices. Also the show needs to get someone other then Brooke Burke to co-host the show. I don’t know if she is just nervous every night but she comes off as illiterate and cheap. Thank you

  19. anna pia says:

    I am very disappointed in this season – You can’t tell me that Bristol Palin going to the finals is not a fix – How can Brandy & Max have such high scores, get a perfect score and be eliminated when Palin has only been getting 5s and 8s – Week after week she continues to come back after being on the bottom and the same thing happens – the better dancers are going home. She should have been eliminated a long time ago! – What is all of Alaska voting for her!
    If she becomes the champion, I will never watch this show again.

  20. Leatta M.Fassett says:

    I was disgusted and appalled that the public thinks that Bristol out danced Brandy I guess we need new judges because I guess they don’t know what they are doing. depending how it goes next week I won’t be watching again. So once again I guess it all comes down to who you know. Too bad.Call back Master P and Kenny Main they must have gotten robbed.

  21. Average joe says:

    OOH my G*d.. the world is coming to an end! Brandy got booted by Palin. Give me a break.. It is just a TV show, a popularity contest. Get a life people

  22. k tober says:

    I won’t be watching next season unless something is done on the voting procedures. I think once it gets too the top 5 couple the judges should take over, so that another scam like this doesn’t happen again. Brady you were robbed BIG TIME!!!!!

  23. Johnny B Goode says:

    What a shame. All the effort these people put into becoming great dancers, months spent away from their “normal” lives, only to have this disgraceful “stuffing of the ballot boxes” for someone who does not deserve to be there. I fear this is what will happen if the Momma Grizzly runs for President. heaven help us all. I won’t be watching any more either.

  24. FirstTimeWatcher says:

    Insufficient talent to win a dance contest, but popular enough to snag Alaska’s votes as well those who choose to beat the voting structure (voting over and over without any validity..just another email address). Bristol must know she does not belong in the final, too bad there is not enough

    Average Joe is spending his time reading and responding to comments…where is his life ? Just a TV show or at least it was until last night. Now it’s the focus of viewers, wondering what happen to the values of fairness, honesty (voting), integrety and they are focused on ABC not the particpants. THIS IS PART TALENT SHOW – PART POPULARITY SHOW – PART POLITICAL – AND POORLY STRUCTURED FROM A VOTING STANDPOINT. ABC SHOULD ASHAMED TO AIR SUCH GROSS ERRORS. It would be a breath of fresh air if Palin removed herself from the finals and reinstated Brandy to her rightful place. This first time watcher is now a last time watcher. The show makes me feel bad.

  25. VS says:

    Dancing with the Stars is a JOKE to allow this to happened. I guess anyone can be bought. Shame on the Judges…

  26. margo m says:

    about dwts
    This is the vote of the people, not the judges, persons have to remember that. I got tired of hearing about grays back injury and thought her camp was trying to get sympathy votes. Maybe Brandy did not have enough support. It truly takes others helping the contestants. The similar type of voting happened twice on American Idol and Americas Got Talent when what seemed like the front runner did not win.

  27. Johnny B Goode says:


    I believe the intent of giving the fans a vote was to give viewers a chance to weigh in on the talent aspects of particular contestants, not how well they can motivate a political machine to respond like rats when the bell is rung. It is a show about dancing, not electability. When it becomes a popularity contest that outweighs the rationale of talent, then it has lost my support as entertainment.

  28. Kim says:

    I’m so impressed with Bristol, and really turned off by Jennifer Gray’s crying outbursts and complaining and Brandy’s poor sportsmanship. Bristol has really kept a stiff upper lip and a smile on her face despite the fact that the others have really given her a cold shoulder! She’s also a breath of fresh air after several seasons of “ringers.” She has my respect and my vote.

  29. Poppins says:

    Goes to show anywhere there’s a vote they’ll cheat…after all it’s all CHILDS PLAY for them.

  30. Debbie Darling says:

    The voting procedure is flawed. As a minimum it ought to be 75% judges 25% audience. Also the online voting has to be fixed so multimple fake email addresses can not be used. DWTS may have to eliminate on line voting and rely only on phone in votes. At least this way they can stop multiple votes.

  31. Keena says:

    I definitely believe the show is rigged. Bristol Palin cannot dance and shouldn’t have made it into the semifinals. She has been the weakest dancer for a while. I can’t even believe she is more popular than Brandy. It should have been Jennifer and Brandy competing for the title. They are the two best dancers. It is such a shame to see a show I thought to be fair and accurate end up a hoax like so many other reality shows. I am truly disappointed. Bristol Palin should be eliminated!

  32. KImmyCan says:

    Being a person that gives my best, i feel sorry for the profeesionals on that show working hard to get their partners to a somewhat professional level only to realize it isnt about dancing. Someone with not dancing talent can win based on people liking her and not paying attention to her DANCING talent. I am no longer watching this show because i truley like dancing and think that hard work and growth should be rewarded not how someone treats you in the dressing room and your ability to keep showing up (thay pay her and she is unemployed)A contest should be based on skills and fairness this show does not promote either. SOOOO SORRY MAX and BRANDY you wasted your time and your talent.

  33. Delores says:

    I suppose Bristol will win the Award because her mother told everyone to vote. From now on, why don’t you just have the judges votes instead of us. Perhaps the voting would be FAIR then. I cannot imagine why anyone would take Brandy and Max off and leave little Bristol. It just shows “Politics” everywhere. I am so disgusted that I don’t think I will watch the show again and a lot of people I know said they have quit watching it because they were voted off. Thanks

  34. Bill T says:

    I’m sure if someone voted for Bristol 300 times, no one voted for Brandy more than once. Get real!

  35. judy s says:

    I am a dancer and have watched the show since the beginning. I think the system is flawed. Too much weight is given to the audience since many people vote for reasons other than the dancing ability. I also think the judges must have some bias this season since they gave 9′s to Bristol and 9′s to Brandy and Max. They aren’t even in the same league. I will not be watching the show anymore since it is not a competition.

  36. Doug Hughes says:

    The show says vote for your favorite couple, not the best. When your best is in the bottom three, Brooke Burke strongly encourages you to vote for your favorite to keep them in the competition. That’s what America did and now it’s a scandal?!

  37. JK says:

    not watching anymore!

  38. Roxanne says:

    This issue is with DWTS Executive Group. They ask people who are professionals, i.e., dancers, Olympic athletes, singers, etc., to perform for TV ratings. When they get someone who is not a professional to perform they are setting that person up to fail based on the judging. This is so predictable…middle age and seniors last to mid-season because who wants to vote off an older people when they are trying to perform to the level of a younger person…professional performers. Give me a break…this is all ratings driven. This time this procedure failed and the people voted for an underdog. I am a registered Democrat and I watched this show from the beginning. I have never voted so I am not among the people who chose who will win or go home, but I can always pick to Mirror Ball Trophy winner by the first show. This time it is truly entertaining… Brandy was an excellent dancer and Max was an excellent teacher but this time the audience is dictating the underdog may win. It does not have anything to do with talent but it is sending a clear message to DWTS Executives on their selection criteria. If they want only expert people to perform for the Mirror Ball, for rating purposes, then they should only ask the professionals and leave the seniors and non-dancers/performers out of the lineup. I am routing for Bristol because she is the underdog, but most likely Jennifer will win…again professional with dancing in her background. So predictable…

  39. jh says:

    I have never seen such hateful people in all of my life. No wonder there are wars, murder in the streets and road rage. It sounds like people could kill someone over this show that’s supposed to be fun. Actually, I think Bristol is a breath of fresh air. Brandy is haughty and thought she had it in the bag. And Jennifer went and had her neck operated on for goodness sakes so she could dance on the show. And Bristol just smiles and does her best. After all, folks, America voted. I just hope America votes this strong at the next presidential campaign. Think about all, Brandy kept getting stressed and mad and poor Jennifer kept wah, whaing.

  40. Carbs says:

    The judges are also to blame – what a bunch of suck-ups. They consistently gave Bristol inflated scores, surely not in line with the marks they gave the other dancers.

  41. Realistic says:

    Response to the comment: “Bristol has really kept a stiff upper lip and a smile on her face despite the fact……” But Really, it’s a Dance Contest and she CAN’T dance.

  42. cwatson says:

    I will not be watching DWTS again because obviously it is not about fairness but more about politics.

  43. kathy grasso says:

    I thought this was a dance contest !!! Max and Brandy got robbed! I wont watch it again

  44. Elaine says:

    I am so disappointed in this season’s Dancing With The Stars! It has become very obvious this has been nothing more than a political push for her mom’s politics! Even the judges comments have been pacifying. They too, should be ashamed of themselves! Since when have you ever seen these judges be so over zealous to keep such a poor dancer in the competition? I think this season is flawed not only by the call in text in web in votes, but by the judges themselves! Max and Brandy would have by far been the champions this season had they continued the way they have been throughout the season. Yes, Bristol has made great progress each week in her dance technique, but a far cry from what I would consider to be championship dance technique! This show has lost a lot of its credibility. Hopefully ABC will stop pushing their politics on us during our evening entertainment viewing and these judges get a backbone! Shame on YOU… Dancing with the Stars!

  45. HJ Broom says:

    After watching Tuesday night I doubt i will ever watch again. I am sure many others share my view on this,

  46. salme says:

    what comes around goes around Im sure something nasty happening soon to those freaky Palin pigs

  47. Lucy says:

    I’m done with all ABC programs. I turned off Elisabeth Hasselbeck but hung around for other good shows. This farce is the last straw. I’m erasing the ABC, channel 2 off my remote. I DARE anyone in this house to ever turn them on again. And now everybody..I predict Bristol the pistol will walk away with the trophy next week!!!

  48. Juliebrock says:

    Did everyone forget that Kyle beat Brandy too ? why is Bristol taking all the heat ? Brandy is an entertainer..that isn’t fair to expect Bristol to dance as well.Shame on the other dancers ( derrick ) for making those ridiculous faces when Brandy was kicked off. How rude!

  49. Karen Komoroski says:

    This may be the last time I watch the show. Bristol Palin is a terrible dancer and should have been voted off a long time ago. The best dancers should be in the finals. If thers is a glitch in the voting process it should be rectified immediately, or completely change how a winner is chosen.

  50. sara says:

    i am very surprised that we have not heard a word from any of the judges, surely they know that something is not right, also what about ABC, where is their integrity, it is quite blatant that the voting system is seriously flawed, and online voting should be eliminated, if nothing is done you will see many of the professionals not give their best, just put in the time, after all no matter how good their ‘star’ partner is, it won’t make a difference now that everyone knows how to beat the system and vote 300 times, it’s fraud and should not be allowed, come on ABC step up to the plate and do smoething about this.

  51. Celeste says:

    While I agree that Bristol should have been voted off let’s not be so hard on Bristol. It’s not her fault and she is probably just as embarrased that she is still on!

  52. Helen boop says:

    I thought it was just me,but by all the comments I have read it wasn’t. I certainly expected Bristol to be voted off weeks ago. She came across as flat. The show claimed it was the most talked about season,well it really is but not for the reason they wanted. I have been a fan of Jennifer from the get go and I really expected her to go up against Brandy,who was doing a great job. I have watched the show from the very start and have NEVER see any star come back from the cellar as much as Bristol has. Don’t the officials see the pattern. Brandy was robbed!!

  53. Nancy Love says:

    Why was Bristol Palins mother so prominent on the shows? Not a dancing contest,but a political ploy. Bristol tried,but was neither humble or aware of her lack of skill. Next week will be the true test of this show. I will not follow this series again if my worst fear is realized!!!

  54. miamiexile says:

    DWTS has been one of the most entertaining shows to ever grace our home, and we have watched since the first season. I am sickened by the events of 11/16/2010′s events. After this season, DWTS is an unwelcome guest.

  55. cheryl taylor says:

    Sad indeed. If Bristol was a real woman, she’d acknowledge she’s not better than Brandy & walk off the show. The show is DWTStars; since when is Bristol a star of any kind. The voting should be left solely to the judges i.e., the experts. What a farce – I won’t be watching again.

  56. Virginia Christenson says:

    I tried to vote by phone when I first watched dwts,and it wouldn’t work, since our program had been recorded earlier. I will try it on the computer next week to vote and am dissapointed in the results after Crystal made it to the finals and Brandy didn’t. Crystal
    should have gone some time ago. Since so many had voted this week, I knew she was going to stay the same as so many of my friends thought she would. I think there should only be one vote per phone call or text per person. Maybe it would be more fair for the rest who deserve to stay in the competition. I’m put-out this season and hope the next one will be better or I won’t be watching again.

  57. Dave in dallas says:

    Wow, what a bunch of whiners. It is a popularity contest, always was… Brandy was a bit of a diva… Max too… Not likeable… Not POPULAR… So what if bristol made the finals, its not like al franken cheated his way into the senate or anything- oh, wait.

  58. Christine says:

    I thought the shows was for stars, why is Bristol a star because of her politician mother and her bastard child. She is preaching abstinance now.
    She is as stiff as wood and yet in the finals.

  59. Nancy says:

    I’m shocked that Brandy went home over Bristol. Brandy and Maks should be the ones moving on to the finals. Bristol needed to go weeks ago! I especially don’t like all her snotty, cocky comments since last night, when interviewed. She thinks she’s all that and deserves to be there based on her dancing! She’s out of her mind! She’s acting like a spoiled brat and very uncaring towards Maks and Brandy getting booted when Bristol has to know inside that it is SHE that should have gone home! Ridiculous. I’m a Republican, by the way (Donna)and I call em’ as I see em’. I certainly have not been voting for Bristol because of the Party. Bristol has come a long way but quite simply is not as good a dancer as the rest and that’s a fact! The show is suppose to be about who is the best dancer. Bristol certainly does NOT rank with the others.

  60. DEb in Canada says:

    I wish the voting was like “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANce.They take the bottom three then the judges pick the one to go.The top dnacers end up winning.I can’t vote here but know all you have to do is remove the cookies from your computer and you can vote as many times as you want.

  61. Mike says:

    Do not believe everyone who says that they will not watch again if Bristol wins. They will watch so they can complain about someone else. Thay don’t have a life. If they really don’t like the show because of what is happenning they can watch something else or turn off their TV.

  62. Beth says:

    Sarah P was booed early in the competition. ABC had a big fake explanation of what we all saw but ‘we did not see’. The judges were tough up until then on all the bad clutsy dancers but after that all of a sudden their was an apparent political correctness about Bristals bad dance moves. Plus why did ABC turn this into a political issue. Why do we have to look at Sarah Palin every show and hear her ‘opinion’ about everything. Her poor daughter is not a dancer as I am not but has been paraded out pregnant with a boy who did not care, put out in the spot light by a self involved mother. Sarah admitted she almost decided to get rid of the child she found out was a down syndrome child (must be more to that story). I almost feel that poor clutsy Bristol will look back at this mothers push to robo texts and calls from her helpers as being part of the abuse this child suffers every day. Bristol appears distant, cold and seems sad through the fake smiles as all children put on the stage to make their dominating parents ‘proud’ Wow the book that will come out of this one in 20 years will make Mommy Dearest look like a fairy tale. Sarah, good for you, you got lucky, but quit making a spectical out of your poor clutsy daughter who even with the best training and make up still looks like a deer in headlights. Sad thing. This is not a political issue, it is child abuse. Most girls that are abused mentally get pregnant young. Looking for love in all the wrong places. Poor Bristal actually found a boy that is exactly like her Mother, the very dominate parent. Sad Sad Sad

  63. Isabel says:

    Dancing with the stars is a complete farce. I am sure everyone can recognize that Brandy is the better dancer, and should be the 2010 winner even. If Bristol Palin wins, not only will I not follow dancing with the stars next season, I will boycott ABC!!!

  64. venusre says:

    It’s alright that the show involves the public votes however, it’s extremely RARE in this show’s run that someone “skates” by every week by the “public’s” votes. There’s something wrong with that picture from all ends. I’m not a big fan of the show, but I enjoy watching the dancing styles and routines. This show is about teaching new styles and methods of dance and all the dances are usually NEW for every contestant regardless of someone’s dance ability. It is just entertainment, and leave it at that because they already have an ideal of a winner because phone calls/email votes can not carry that much weight.

  65. barbara seiferth says:

    i will no longer watch the show i voted on line by cell also land line for Brandy and Max clearly Bristol cannot dance and proves it’ts politics as usual Palin is not a star!Iam ver disappointed in the results .

  66. Janet says:

    This is typical of republicans, they will do anything to win. Bristol honey, you look ridiculous up there, shame on you and your mom.

  67. CJ says:

    Brandy has been thrown under the bus for a non-dancer. This is a talent contest not a political contest. If Ms. Palin wins or even takes second place I will never watch DWTS or ABC. again.

  68. Danielle Skaw says:

    Dancing with a star is no longer! It is now another political farce.
    The people voting for Bristol Palin are either blind, with two left feet, or they are hypocritical. . .Bristol Palin should have been voted off weeks ago. Brandy should NEVER have been eliminated before Palin!
    I have watched Dancing with the Star for the last time!

  69. Deb says:

    Roxanne – you hit the nail on the head! It is all about the ratings! I too have watched DWTS from the beginning and have never voted. I watch because I enjoy dancing. Is this a fair competition – no. There in nothing fair about it. Brandy is an excellent dancer – with her PROFESSIONAL background I would expect her to perform at the level she did. It wasn’t fair for Bristol to be in the same competition with her or the other professionals. It would have been fair to have Brandy in a competition with her PEERS but ratings soar out of controversy, not fairness. Bristol, as well as all the other contestants, needs to be recognized for their efforts. To go out each week, in front of millions of people and perform is courageous – more so if you are totally out of your league. Since we agree that this isn’t really a dance competition I, like you, am cheering for Bristol. I am doing so not because of her ability or inability to dance or her political affiliations but for the courage to undertake the challenge to step out of the box and go against the odds.

  70. Marie says:

    If you want the viewer’s respect/to continue to watch DWTS, make changes.Get rid of the phone calls & let the judges decide who is a GOOD dancer & who is not!Week after week the couple with a higher score from the judges gets booted out & the one with the lower score stays.What’s the point of having 3 professional judges when their votes don’t really make a difference.It is frustrating & it’s not fair for the dancers who deserve to make it through to the finals.

  71. sad to watch says:

    I never liked this show but was told it was worth watching. Now I don’t have to watch it anymore. The concept of cheating to win at all costs is morally wrong. The skills needed to circumvent the system should be put to good use. Wasting that talent to find a way to stuff the votes on a reality show is just so pathetic. ABC is such a low rated network – they’ll do anything for ratings…including allowing this to happen. It’s just another lame reality show –and who really cares about the outcome??? No matter what, the amateur is always a poor excuse for a dancer — that’s why the pro’s put on a show every week — they are demonstrating how to dance the right way. The “stars” are just trying to be the best of the worst. There is an enormous amount of money paid to the ‘stars’ if they can stay on the show week after week. Note: none of them are actual stars — some are has beens, others are wanna be’s, the celebuspawn and then you have the hanger’s on. It does boost careers for them so they have a reason to attempt the dances. But honestly, ABC has allowed a glitch to turn a show that is entertaining into a show about snakey weirdo’s finding a way to keep a no-talent girl — who has the personality of a wet mop –into a contender. She’s not evil in any way, she’s just an awful dancer. It’s a stupid reality show but it freaks me out that there are so many deranged oddballs out there trying to make this a political statement. She sucks at dancing and people cheated to keep her in the game — it’s a telling tale and the outside world watches this kind of crap knowing how stupid American’s really are — greedy, dumb and a little bit mean. Good luck Kyle but I think Bristol owns this one!

  72. ADAM says:


  73. CYSTAL says:

    sarah palin said it right, her daughter Bristol is just another talent deprived contestant who suffer from self esteem and she herself doesn’t have the conscience to tell her the truth. YOU CAN’T ***** DANCE. So every week,almost, you grace the sudience to support your talent deprived daughter in this scam, sham of a show nowing her only real talent lies in the bedroom. Teen activist, my eye, or lower. Do you really feel any teenager worth their salt is listening to Bristol talk about abstinence. Bristol SHOULD HAVE ABSTAINED FROM THE SHOW A LONG TIME AGO. HOW DID SHE GET ON ANY WAY ? ABC, JUDGES, AND EVEN THE PROFESSIONAL DANCERS, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS TRAVESTY THAT HAS HAPPENED ON DWTS THIS SEASON 11. This is coming from one viewer less.

  74. Shawnie says:

    I am so disappointed in DWTS & they way it is set up. Unfortunately Bristol can not dance & this is a dance competition! She is simply horrid & for the Bristol supporters saying she is not a dancer……so what does that mean? Emmit Smith was a football player who won it all, Rick Fox a basketball player looked better on the floor as well. People say that Brandy & Maks are bad sports, but right is right & wrong is wrong. A person has the right to be upset when they are cheated!

  75. SAM says:

    We average ballroom dancers used to enjoy the show that was about individuals learning to dance or improve their dance ability. Expert judges should have most of the vote for the “dance” contest. A popularity contest should have different criteria, shouldn’t it? List the popularity goals so we can judge on them. Both athletes with no musical or dance training did much better and Kyle has improved a whole lot every week. Find a way to make the voting one fair vote per person, or make the dance program a contest judged by experts. After all, a lot of us watch the Olympics and the public doesn’t judge! We look at quality of achievement, not “popularity.” We get our political news on a different program; it has no place on this entertainment show. Thanks for listening.

  76. Dawn says:

    I will not be watching DWTS anymore. This season has seen the lowest scores advance and the higher scores sent packing.

  77. Kathleen says:

    There is a flaw in the voting process that allowed several better dancers than Bristol to be unfairly eliminated. This flaw must be addressed because so many previously loyal fans feel disheartened by the politics that have entered the contest–we have enough politics without being subjected to it on an escapist show. Why get invested in good dancers who may be eliminated for reasons unrelated to their hard work learning to dance well only to be cheated by a voting system that can be sabotaged. This is a former loyal fan who sees no need to get invested in the show next season only to have the best dancers not get a fair chance of winning. The producers of the show are basking in their high ratings, but they should look at the big picture and take steps to fix the voting system.

  78. shirley unger says:

    it is outragious ! iwill not support any of abc programs because of what was done to brandy. it is truly disgusting.

  79. Holly says:

    So ABC what are you going to do to fix this???? A flawed voting process ?? America is just not dumb. I won’t be watching the finals, I already know who will win, and it is political cheating. I think Sara Palin believes that she can be president also and if that happens God help us all.

  80. Angela says:

    Wow!! What a bunch of sore losers. Nothing is any different this season than any of the previous seasons. The viewers vote for their favorite, not the best but their favorite and Bristol is clearly the favorite. If this was a serious talent or dance contest they wouldn’t allow viewers to vote. It would be judged only by professional judges. You people need to lighten up and get over this. It’s only
    entertainment not the presidential election. You people are the one’s making it political not Bristol. You Bristol bashers are
    mean,scary people with no compassion.

  81. Denise Balduff says:

    I, too, tried to vote Monday evening 5 times, but was told after my fourth vote I couldn’t vote anymore. I am sick of this political agenda that is being shoveled down our throats. Now that this web site has been discovered that lets people vote numerous times for Palin, I demand a recount. This certainly has not been fair to all the celebrities and their professional dancers. They put so much work into this. ABC, you say you have a security system to detect faulty votes, but obviously this web site got past your security. This is outragious and I will not support any of ABC programs if this mess is not cleared up.

  82. kathleen says:

    The playing field isn’t even to start off with. The so called best dancers started off with an extreme advantage (being performers, already having dancing experience) so why shouldn’t the underdog rise above for their attitude, humbleness, likeability. Brandy and Jennifer are not humble, Brandy says she wants to win because she worked so hard – well, so did Kyle and Bristol and ….

  83. linda says:

    I will not watch this show anymore if the best dancers are booted in the way Max & brandy were this is not fair voting

  84. Diane Madison says:

    Bristol Palin should be disqualified because of the voter fraud.

  85. Neal Morris says:

    And you are saying Donnie Osmond could dance. It was his fans that voted for him, not his dancing.

  86. Teresa says:

    WHAT just happened – I’ve watched Season 1, day 1 – you’ve lost me unless changes in judging and fairness is entered into the competition. Come on leave the Tea Party OUT and the possible rigged voting PLEASE!!!!!!!

  87. Jab says:

    Oh, so now the liberals want to enforce a “one-person-one-vote” policy? Niiiiice.

    Try telling that to the Black Panthers in Philadelphia, or to all the dead people who vote in Chicago elections all the time…

  88. Herb says:

    Who is at fault? Sure the opportunity for cheating during the voting process is well documented and definitely abused. People who cheat and then stoop even lower by publicizing it must believe that fraud is acceptable. In fact they are a disgusting set of people who cannot be trusted under any condition. They are not model citizens, upstanding members of society or role models. They are cheaters plan and simple who should be ashamed of themselves. ABC is guilty of allowing a voting atmosphere which enables any level of fraud to take place. They need to revise the voting system and make public apologies for screwing up. Additionally they need to take responsibility for setting this whole scenario up in the first place. I believe the premise of Dancing with the STARS is to highlight members of the entertainment or sports communities who are recognized by their accomplishments. Unfortunately, Bristol does not fall within any STAR category and is only recognized through her mother’ political ambitions and her own promiscuity. ABC should have seen this coming. How dumb can they be? – The execs should be ashamed of themselves for putting her in this position which is resulting in an erosion of their fan base and putting the popularity of the show in jeopardy.

  89. Catherine Stymer says:

    Bristol NEVER should had even been on the show. Who the hell is she? Some dumb teen who got knocked up. The show must be desperate! What next? Maybe they’ll have a donkey on the next season. What the hell… donkey might have an IQ higher than Bristol and her idiotic mother.

  90. Catherine Stymer says:

    Why was Bristol on the show in the first place? The producer forgot the title of the show. Bristol is NO star! She’s a dumb teen who got knocked up. She cannot dance! Get rid or her. What a joke this show has become!

  91. Anna Dean Shields says:

    I agree with most of what has been said here…except the post that threw in ” wars, murderers, and road rage” ??? Wow, what an implication. I would like to either see ABC stand up and say there has been voter fraud and bring Brandy back. Or, have Bristol stand up and say she wants to bow out gracefully, she realizes the voting was fraudulent. I have tried to vote but could never get through. If I could vote I would vote for Kyle based on his personality and dancing skills.

  92. Jane says:

    Join Operation Vote Off Bristol and vote on Monday! Help a GOOD dancer win!

  93. Helen says:

    I am so disgusted at the political forum Sarah Palin has turned a good show into. We all know Bristol cant dance, and Brandy is a 10! The judging needs to be changed before the finale. If Brisotl wins I will never watch the program again.

  94. paulie says:

    ABC opted for a gimmick to boost ratings by having Bristol Palin. This is Dancing with the Stars. How is she a star? Now the gimmick is about to blow up the show. This was a great show. Too bad. After Bristol wins next week because of her mother’s followers and not her talent, I’m done with the show.

  95. Lynn says:

    I was amazed when I heard that Bristol was on the show, especially knowing that her mother with political aspirations would be in the audience and in the individual spots. Watching it so far and seeing the results of the last show, IMHO…DWTS has jumped the shark. I watch the show for the dancing and the music and to get away from the politics. If in fact the e-mail voting info is the weak link in the system, ABC should not allow on-line voting for the finale. It won’t help Brandy at this point but at least the viewers will know their calls will not be cancelled out by those who know how to “cheat”.

  96. Yvonne Sherman says:

    Bristol is NOT a star!! Bristol CANT dance!!
    The 2 best dancers are BRANDY and JENNIFER!!
    ABC I will not be watching any of your shows anymore!!! I will ask others to boycott your show also!!

  97. Caroline Burr says:

    I and many of us in Reno are SHOCKED. This has become a political issue. I have been discusted for the last 6 wks that Bristol has been voted forward. Bristol is boring to watch, no personality and CANNOT dance. The judges putting Bristol in the bottom of the leader board for the last 5-6 wks should be evidence that there is a serious problem here that will effect the Dancing with the Stars show and the numbers who are stating that they will not watch in the future. Bristol, if she were at all senseable and smart will remove herself from the finals and have Brandy reinstated. Bristol should have been gone from the beginning of the show. I agree with the people that will not continue to support the show (which I have loved until this mess this season) and I am talking to everyone. FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!

  98. ChuckBurr says:

    “Always do what is right”, that is what I was taught by my parents while growing up. I have been watching “Dancing With The Stars” since it bagan and sometimes I have not agreed with the VOTERS. I am a 67 year old conservative Republician and I am beside myself. Bristol Palin has been a joke, a sorry joke. She could not dance and still cannot dance. She has been the weak dance since day one and should have been let go every week for the past five or more weeks. I think the future of this show is in the air. If Bristol wins next week then the judges etc should all say “good bye” to the show because there will not be an audiance for next season. I think these things should have this weekend- 1) Sarah Palin has a chance to be a mother and save her daughter from further shame by giving her advice – “Bristol, you should make a statement by telling the show that after reviewing the films of last week’s show you feel that Brandy should have been in the finals and you would like to withdraw. She could makea statment at the beginning of the show and she would be a little hereo. 2) Bristol can save her reputation and not hurt her mother as this will hurt her politically. 3) the judges should have the right to step in and make all of this happen. To not do something will cause a national uproar not heard in many years. Bristol can’t dance but she also is a naive victom of thinking she can. She has no personality, is out of her league and should have never been put on the show in the first place. This is for ‘stars’ and Bristol is not one and never will be. Bristol will have to live with this for the rest of her life. DO WHAT IS RIGHT – MAKE A CHANGE BEFORE IT IS TO LATE.

  99. Marie says:

    For the ones on here backing Bristol up..don’t forget that she was crying too about missing her son and family…..I WILL NEVER EVER WATCH DWTS AGAIN EVEN IF BRISTOL DON”T WIN BECAUSE SHE SHOULD HAVE LEFT THE FIRST NIGHT..I”LL TELL YOU WHAT D-W-T-S MEANS TO ME >>>DONE WITH THIS SHIT…Brandy did remind me of Kate plus 6 love Kyle but Jennifer would be taking that trophy doubt…for her age she dances like a teenager and that gotta count ,,,go Jen…Bristol please go back to Alaska and Sarah please don’t ever never leave Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalaska…

  100. Grace says:

    Yes it’s true that Bristol is not a star and has no physical talent in regards to dancing. The real truth is that a political group has united and used American liberties to make it’s voice heard. Sadly it’s at the expense of others feelings and in great disregard to their hard work and natural talent. If any of you are really angry, you’ll unite amongst yourselves and make YOUR voice heard through voting honestly and in great numbers. Don’t allow a few dishonest and manipulative Tea Partiers determine the outcome of a talent show. Get all tour friends, your family members, mail man, manicurist, cashiers… And vote! Then you can stop watching the show.

  101. Grace says:

    Side note: everyone involved knows what’s going and have done a nice job of being politically correct in their comments and answers to questions. Brandy knew she was going home if she was in the bottom with Bristol. The judges, hosts and contestants all know that whoever gets caught in the bottom with Bristol is not going to make it. Bristol knows it too. And instead of asking her mother to keep her buddies out of it, or resigning from the show, she goes along with it as well. What do we expect. That’s the American way! Step over someone else to get ahead. That’s how we got this great land… Built our railroads, got the cotton picked and shoes shined. Stole land from others or stole others from their land for our benefit. This is no different. I’ll stop there…

  102. john babkowski says:

    Just wanted to say that Brandy going home before Bristal is a joke, something should be done about it

  103. Glenda Kelly says:

    That’s the American way Baby. I love it, Votes count and my vote goes to Bristol. No she could not dance when she started, BUT, she can now. So vote Bristol haters.

  104. Barbara Henderson says:

    Bristol cannot dance and should NOT be in the finals. She is boring, stiff, heavy on her feet and dances with no expression. If she wins, I will stop looking at the show.

  105. collen eichel says:

    ABC did you notice when Jennifer danced the phone number was on the bottom of the screen the whole time but not when Bristol danced. Bristol and Kyle are the only ones who couldn’t dance before the show, the others all danced somewhere. Did you hear the audience when Bristol danced ?? They liked her and the bood the judges when she got the low score. You can’t tell me this isn’t rigged and you, ABC had a lot to do with it. Get over the politics and look at the results. Bristol and Kyle worked much harder than the others to get this far.

  106. Wendy Rodenbaugh says:

    Phone lines are not working. Can’t get through.

  107. P. Amidon says:

    Len should be ashamed of himself for giving the Palin girl a decent score. You’ve lost us as viewers. It is not fair to let certain people get away with unfair voting. Brandy should have been in this competition because of ability and her attitude. The rich (Miss Palin) bought her success because she does not have a good attitude, and has no talent. And is chubby and ugly.

  108. patty says:

    brandy as you put it got knocked up too Bristol has come a long way give the girl a break

  109. ronald r stanbury says:

    OMG!!!Wayne Newton dances better than Palin,this is just too political

  110. Nolan R. says:

    Pooe little Brandy. Of course she should have won. She is black! Haven’t you ever heard of afirmaive action? Just because pretty little Bristol got up there and danced her little heart out is no reason to deprive a certified black girl!

  111. Nolan R. says:

    Such a bunch of hypocrits! Kyle staying on after Kurt Warner is a travesty also but I don’t hear any of you racists crying about that!

  112. Wanda says:


  113. Betsy Garbers says:

    Bristol NEVER should have made it and far as she has! My mother and I are BOTH ballroom dancing medalists and her footwork is sloppy, her face looks all wrinkled up when she dances because she can’t just hear the music she has to count out the steps! I swear if she wins this whole thing I will NEVER watch this show again. Thank you Tea Party for screwing the whole thing up. Jennifer or Kyle should take the whole thing not the teenage baby mama who can’t even find the beat when it’s strong enough any idiot can find it! Screw you Bristol and those who voted for her simply because they are part of the tea party and are bitter over the last presidential election! Don’t get me wrong I am a left wing
    Republican who believes in gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose but this crap is JUST PLAIN WRONG!

  114. mara koorse says:

    Dance teacher for thirty-five + years agrees with the above writer’s opinion. I too came from my mother’s and grandmother’s studios…..
    Producers pay attention! Even non-experts see what a sham this is. And you are getting this flak from loyal viewers. Bristol actually believes she is the best………….(most artists I know always were super critical of themselves and drove themselves day in and day out for the love of their art; Mark, her partner is no dummy – he totally knows what he got stuck with. By the way, all I’ve gotten on the phone was a busy signal since last night….AND I was online trying to vote from 3 AM until 6 AM. No luck for the last two hours either…….your online voting page comes up blank…over and over. Just Plain Wrong – you betcha!

  115. Kathy says:

    Bristol is a terrible dancer! If she wins tonight, we can thank her mother and the Tea Party. Go back to Alaska for your reality show on TLC, which also is a joke!

  116. Deb Kligora says:


  117. Julie says:

    Now we all know what it feels like when there’s cheating/dishonesty going on like the use of acorn recruiting illegal immigrants & using names like Mickey Mouse on election ballets all in the name of cheating to get certian people elected as a president. don’t worry in 2012 the cheating/ dishonesty will once again surface! However when a certian party isn’t getting their way they certianly do go on the attack! I do not promote cheating I dispise it. That’s why I was sooo pissed in 2012!

  118. Viktoriya says:

    you know what, Bristol is not very good. Jennifer should win, and then brandi 2nd and kyle 3rd. Bristol is maybe cheating, but she still doesn’t dance goo….Don’t be so mean to Bristol’s baby though, whoever wrote, bastard baby…YOU ARE EVIL the baby has nothing to do with this…Bristol-i don’t like her,she shouldn’t have got to finals at all, brandi should be here, but the baby is innocent!

  119. Marti says:

    What is this country coming to! For Sarah Palin to use her own daughter to gain “points” for future elecetions. I do not recall Bristol as a “star” maybe a want to be “star”. She got there on her mother’s name. Go Jennifer!! You are a deserving winner.

  120. Carlos says:

    Bristol PALIN ,CANNOT DANCE!………

  121. Abby says:

    The bottom line is, NONE OF THIS WAS BRISTOL’s FAULT! The poor girl is getting her name dragged through the mud for no reason. So what if you do not like her mother? That is no reason to write extremely rude and hurtful things about her. SHE was not the one doing the voting, and at times she even seemed uncomfortable with the fact that she was still there and not performing well. Everyone needs to lay off the rude and demeaning comments about her, her child, and her situation. Yes, she has made mistakes in her past, but she has owned up to them and never made excuses fro them. You all should feel ashamed of yourselves for personally attacking an innocent young woman who really and truly had no hand in the voter outcomes of this show.

  122. Virginia says:

    CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER AND DEREK!!!! I have been rooting fo9r you since the beginning of the 2010 season. I think you are both “GREAT”
    dancers and really know your stuff. Derek, keep up the excellent work–if there is a 2011 season. I feel sorry for the many contestants that got voted off early in the season, and they kept Bristol???? Just don’t understand that, however we all know politics and the Tea Party plays a HUGH role in all of it. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what has been going on, right. I love Jennifer and Derek and I admire her so much for dedicating her dance for Patrick Swayze. He was a tremendous actor in “Dirty Dancing” and other movies, as well. He made a great partner for her and he was loved by so many people. I know if he was still alove, he would have been there “cheering her on”. He would have been proud of her!!

  123. Virginia says:

    CONGRATULATIONS TO JENNIFER AND DEREK!!!! WONDERFUL JOB ALL THE WAY!!!! I tried voting, both by phone and online, but had no luck up until 11:30PM,est. I tried from the time they said you could vote until over an hour after the time the voting should have ended, but all I got was “Sorry, your call did not go through, please try again later”. The last message I got was “Your time zone has expired, no more votes accepted for tonight, you can go online and vote”. No luck with that either? What’s up with the voting system? Someone “tampering” with the voting?? It seemed like the lines were blocked. If I had called Bristol’s line, would I have got the same message???? Probably not!!
    Also, I thought it was wonderful that Jennifer and Derek dedicated their dance to Patrick Swayze. If he was still living, I know he would have been there “cheering her on”.
    Was glad Kyle and Lacey got 2nd place. He really improved every week from the beginning. Jennifer and Derek and Kyle and Lacey really deserved their positions. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK AND WE LOVE ALL OF YOU VERY MUCH!!!! At this time, I’m not sure if we will watch DWTS–if there is another season. Will depend if any POLITICS are involved!! God Bless America and MOST of the contestants from 2010.

  124. Self Storage says:

    Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I to find It really useful & it helped me out much. I’m hoping to give something back and aid others like you helped me.

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