Dancing With the Stars 2011: Why Hines Ward Is One to Watch!

hines ward
Hines Ward and Kym Johnson on Dancing With the Stars

I’m from Pittsburgh, so I’m programmed to love all things Steelers, which includes Hines Ward!

Hines Ward is competing on this season of Dancing With the Stars, partnered with Kym Johnson.  I don’t know how anyone can resist Hines Ward’s smile!

They danced the cha-cha on the Dancing With the Stars premiere.  And the judges seemed to love them! But, Hines Ward received three 7s from the judges.

What you don’t want to discount is just how fanatic Steelers fans can be! They will be voting for Hines Ward! I predict he will be around for a long time on Dancing With the Stars, just on the sheer power of Steelers fans!