Dancing With The Stars: 3rd Brady Bunch Star Visits Florence Henderson


Brady Bunch

Apparently the pretend family that stars on TV stays together. Maybe not for the cast of Dallas, Eight is Enough or the Partridge Family but for the Brady Bunch, they continue to be just that, family. They are there to support each other, and especially to support their mom, the star of stage and screen Florence Henderson.

On this week’s Dancing With the Stars Florence Henderson danced to the theme of The Brady Bunch, to mixed reviews. But one fan who clapped enthusiastically? Barry Williams, the actor who played her son Greg Brady. And he’s not the only Brady child who paid their mom a visit, last week Peter Brady (aka Christopher Knight) was in the audience and before that Cindy Brady  (aka Susan Olsen) was front and center cheering on her TV mom. So far that means half her TV kids have come to the set of Dancing with Stars. Hopefully she’ll be able to survive the next three weeks so there is a chance for Jan, Marcia and Bobby to come cheer her on.

And in a touching gesture, she dedicated the dance to her TV husband, Robert Reed who passed away from AIDS ages ago.