Dancing With The Stars: 5 Reasons Bristol Palin Will Be Voted Off Tonight


Bristol PalinOdds are that tonight will be last appearance of Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars.  She already lasted five weeks, wasn’t as horrible as many had thought and captured the hearts of some Palin fans, tea parties or just sympathetic viewers. The Alaskan native will be sent packing and will have to head back home to her life as a single mom,  abstinence advocate and daughter of a Mama Grizzley. Here are five reasons why it’s time for her to go.

The show is called Dancing with the Stars.  Not Dancing with Daughter of Polarizing Politicos. She is just famous for being Sarah Palin’s daughter and for having a child at a very young age. She really had no business being on the show in the first place.

The ape suits. That she agreed to wear an ape suit while performing the Monkee’s theme song is reason enough to can her. And admitted that the ape suits were there to distract from not having the moves, well that was a move in itself, just not a smart one .
The is awkward and self conscious. Those are both factors that come into play because she is not actually an entertainer. She is doing something completely out of her comfort zone, which is commendable, but she couldn’t seem to let her self really go and get into character.
She had the lowest scores on performance night. Which so far has been indicative of which celebrities will be voted off, so far there haven’t been any surprises.

Would people really vote to keep her on? Probably even the most die hard Palin fans may be tired of her non-star power. Really, it would be doing her…and us….all a favor.