Dancing with the Stars: A Teary Snooki Tweets Reaction!


snooki DWTS“Why am I leaving a zombie!” Those were the last words from the incredibly sad and teary Snooki when she was shockingly voted off of Dancing with the Stars. For her last dance, the pint-sized reality TV star and mom was dressed up as the living dead for a routine as part of a group dance. She did great in the piece, with fancy footwork and even some flips. And her dancing star shined bright in her earlier Samba routine as well, which earned her and her partner Sasha a trio of nines. But that apparently wasn’t enough. Instead Snooki, who looked as if she could take the whole thing and bring home the mirror ball trophy, was given the heave-ho.

Snooki, her partner, and her fellow dancers all looked completely shocked, and Snooki immediately started to cry. It had been a tough week for Snooki. She talked of having to travel from coast to coast, her son being sick with a fever, and having been sleep-deprived, so perhaps heading home early is a blessing in disguise.

Snooki went to Twitter to give some shout-outs. She wrote: “Thank you to the fans. Your support for Sasha and I are amazing, love you.” She also tweeted, “Damn this sucks!! I had the best time on DWTS and I truly love EVERYONE on the show. You are all in my heart forever and I’m so proud of you.”

It was indeed a surprise, but as Snooki said, “I’m still gonna dance!”

Photo Source: Snooki/ Instagram