Dancing With The Stars: And The Winner Is...


who-won-dancing-with-the-stars-donny-osmondOkay, I admit it – I’m one of the five people in the whole world who doesn’t watch Dancing With The Stars. I think the other four are living on an island off the coast of the Netherlands and they would be watching but their cable went out a few months ago.

Even my mother won’t take my calls on Monday and Tuesday nights.

But enough of my trash talk – let’s get right down to who won this clash of the titans. And the winner of the infamous mirror-ball trophy is…

…Donny Osmond!


Wow – I didn’t see that coming. Mainly because I don’t watch the show, so how could I see anything coming? But I did see a clip of last week’s semi-finals and I thought Mya was going to walk away with the big disco ball thingy.

(Sorry – next time I’ll let my mom announce the winner.)

Congratulations to Donny, a 51-year-old grandfather! Bet his kids and grandkids are proud of him.