Dancing With The Stars Cast Dreads Kate Gosselin's Return


Kate Gosselin is dusting off her dancing shoes in preparation for her big return to the stage during the Dancing With The Stars finale May 24 and 25.

Ratings have dropped immensely since she zombie danced her way off the show, so network execs are excited to have her back in hopes of getting moms and those who love horrible dancing to tune in.

But while the bigwigs at ABC are all smiles in anticipation of her return, her cast mates are dreading it.

“Everyone, especially Kate’s old dancing partner Tony, are dreading the return of Gosselin to the dance floor,” a source tells

“Kate comes with a lot of drama. She’s the only celebrity who insisted on having a bodyguard with her at all times and put the costume department through hell each week. She tortured Tony and you don’t even want to know what she put the show’s hairdressers through! The day Kate was voted off, everyone was celebrating backstage. It’s been a lot less toxic without her.”

It’s pretty sad that people were actually toasting to her expulsion, so she must have been a nightmare. I can see the need for wanting a great costume and perfect hair, but the bodyguard does seem excessive. At least the cast and crew only has to put up with her for two days. 


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