Dancing With the Stars Cast: Where Has Ralph Macchio Been?

Dancing with the stars 2011
Ralph Macchio to be on Dancing With the Stars Season 12

Ralph Macchio is one of the stars announced as part of the Dancing With the Stars 2011 Cast.  We loved him as the Karate Kid, but where has Ralph Macchio been since then?

The last Karate Kid movie that Ralph Macchio was in was The Karate Kid part 3 and that was back in 1989.  Ralph Macchio is making me feel old.  Have we seen him in anything lately?

In 2010, Ralph Macchio was in an episode of USA’s Psych and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  In 2008-2008, Ralph Macchio had a recurring role on Ugly Betty.

But, Ralph Macchio will always be the Karate Kid to us!  He learned some karate moves before, we’ll see how he does with dance moves!

Photo: PRPhotos