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Dancing With The Stars Finale Live Blog: Updating All Night Long!

By ToniFitz76 |

Dancing with the stars finale dancing with the stars live blog

Dancing with the Stars live blog: Who will win? Who will lose? Who will be on "DanceCenter?"

OK, everyone, the blog is live and we’re here to document every moment of the “Dancing with the Stars” finale, or as I like to call it, 119 minutes of filler, 1 minute of action.

Here’s how it will work: I’ll be updating throughout the show, bringing you every Jamie Lee Curtis sighting, gauging whether Brandy and Maks will need anger counseling, and counting how many times Bristol Palin mentions the “haters.”

Update your browsers frequently so that you receive the updates, and post your own comments. Each comment must be approved, so you may not see them right away.

Here we go!

9:04 — Yay! Everyone is back! I never thought I’d miss The Situation.

9:05 — Huh. Brooke Burke showing off more skin than ever — didn’t think that was possible. And first mention of Jennifer Grey’s injury.

9:06 — Still bitter Kyle Massey didn’t get 10s on that.

9:07 — And still have “Tootsie Roll” stuck in my head.

9:08 — Anyone else wonder if they purposely film footage of jumps not working so we’ll be amazed when they do?

9:09 — What did anyone think of “Chicago” performance? My son loves that song.

9:10 — Tom Bergeron justifies what would happen if Bristol wins explains the scoring system.

9:11 — Jennifer Grey injury reference.

9:14 — Xtina on the stage! I’m sure pregnancy rumors will fly again. C’mon people, do we have to do that every time a star swallows more than a peanut?

9:16 — Male dancers love to show off their chests, don’t they? Not that I’m complaining …

9:18 — Kyle’s tango — loved that!

9:21 — Oooh, who wants to see “The Tourist?” Me! Who wants to babysit for my kids so my husband and I can go?

9:22 — Local commercial for the mall, reminding me what terror awaits when I take our toddler to see Santa. She hates that guy.

9:25 — Kyle’s footwork has improve SOOO much this season.

9:29 — Bristol seems like a sweet person. But so much of what she says sounds scripted … there’s not much emotion when she “wants to get all 10s.”

9:30 — Crowd-pleasing air guitar. Most emotion she’s ever shown in dance.

9:32 — Judges apparently have been reading the messageboards; attempt to convince America that Bristol belongs in finals.

9:35 — My son cannot wait for “Wipeout” to return. Is that specifically aimed at 5-year-olds?

9:37 — Jennifer redancing her first dance. Love the symmetry.

9:39 — So elegant.

9:41 — Kyle and Lacey get 26. Boo Len — an 8?

9:42 — Bristol and Mark get 25, with Len the top scorer at 9. Umm, is Len a closet member of the Tea Party?

9:42 — Jennifer gets 30. And another injury reference!

9:43 — Kyle does not know “Raise Your Glass.” (And he’s dancing first. AGAIN.)

9:47 — I’m feeling like Kyle will go first. Boo.

9:49 — The Hoff: Not coping well with being booted off. But lifeguard has his back. Yay for “Baywatch” tributes!

9:50 — Hmm, what’s worse, the Hoff singing or dancing?!?! Apparently this is just an excuse to put them in bathing suits.

9:51 — My husband especially enjoying the “Baywatch” tribute …

9:52 — Mark Ballas: “I think Lacey, Derek and I made it to the finals” because of a right wing conspiracy?

9:53 — Hmm, Mark and Derek never competed against each other in a final. Didn’t know that.

9:54 — So will Michael Bolton be back to dance? I can’t remember if I saw him at the beginning. He was pretty mad about the doghouse stuff.

9:57 — Rick Fox and Kurt Warner. I think it’s impossible to dislike the two of them.

9:58 — OK, let’s look for Eliza Dushku, Fox’s girlfriend. They always show her.

9:59 — Rick Fox makes Kurt, who’s over 6 feet, look short.

10:00 — And Cheryl, who’s 5-foot-nothing, look like a dwarf. Loved the chest bump and how they embrace the cheesiness of it all!

10:01 — Rick Fox ducks the question of who will win. Kurt takes this opportunity to insult Bruno. Tom is always funny! (Husband says: “Rick should have said Brandy.”)

10:02 — Brooke has NO transitional skills in her interviews. So choppy.

10:03 — Is it really Black Friday if you’re shopping Thursday?

10:05 — “Off The Map” = “Grey’s Anatomy: Tropical Paradise”

10:06 — Margaret Cho looks FABULOUS! She must have kept up the dancing.

10:07 — Florence Henderson, on the other hand, should sue the costume designers for that outfit. I have been temporarily blinded.

10:09 — “There’s booing in the ballroom, we don’t know why!” Brooke’s best observation of the season.

10:10 — The Sitch is DONE with this. Derek has a temper. Jennifer is oversensitive. Is there a producer advising everyone off camera “be as dramatic as you can! More tears = more camera time!”

10:11 — Maks and Carrie Ann face off. Maks swears. Brandy freaks, wondering if he has cost her a shot at the final. (Apparently yes.)

10:15 — Brooke says she’s not going to take up any more of Bristol and Mark’s time, after taking up way too much without asking any good questions.

10:16 — Do we think Situation could even spell “governor?”

10:17 — The Situation is a great dancer when he does not dance and just takes off his shirt.

10:18 — I think that’s literally the shortest skirt I’ve EVER seen in my life.

10:19 — The doghouse. Why did Chelsie think that was a good idea. And was it really as bad as Bruno thought?

10:20 — Why don’t I remember Florence Henderson pulling up her shirt? Did I just block it out?

10:21 — Brandy’s heart literally breaks as she’s booted off. Derek looks SHOCKED.

10:22 — “Yogi Bear” commercial. Remember when Dan Akryod had a great career?

10:23 — “Skating with the Stars” promo. That totally bombed in the ratings last night, is anyone surprised?

10:24 — Huh, was that drawn-out lollipop bit especially for Carrie “You Took Too Long To Start The Dance” Ann?

10:25 — Sorta waiting for Maks to go sock Sarah Palin … and ANOTHER injury reference for Jennifer. If you’re counting, that’s 3,567 so far …

10:27 — You sing it Christina. This song (“Beautiful”) seems appropriate given all the speculation over her (sooo overhyped) weight gain.

10:29 — Loving the commentator’s idea to put the Palins on Wipeout. Let’s pit them against Brandy’s family and Maks and see what happens!

10:30 — In case you’re keeping track, Jennifer’s on top in the scoring, Kyle is second and Bristol is third. They’re about to do their second dance, but first, an ad for “Burlesque.” (Which sorta looks weird.)

10:31 — Love that one of the women slaps Brad the Cad in “Bachelor” promo.

10:33 — Every time Bristol is called a teen activist, I laugh. Tom finally stopped tonight! Yay.

10:35 — I seriously can’t believe Jennifer Grey is 50. She has the body of a 20-year-old — which is who she’s competing against.

10:35 — Len says he’d have “pickled me walnuts” if anyone had told him Bristol would make the finals. What’s that mean?

10:37 — Where is “DanceCenter?” The finalists are about to do their instant cha-chas. Kyle’s always first, isn’t he.

10:38 — Jennifer dancing now. Knee holding up just fine, in case you were worried.

10:39 — Bristol dancing now. Almost smiled.

10:40 — OK, what do we think — who did the best? I was not enamored with any of it, to be honest.

10:41 — Len liked all of them. Bruno liked all of them. (Saying Bristol saved best for last — uh, what’s that mean?) Carrie Ann sees why they’re all in the final, kinda cuts down Bristol by saying she “inspires hope” instead of saying she’s actually a good dancer.

10:42 — Yay Bruno! He gives a 10 to Kyle; other judges give 9s. (Husband busy forming Lacey fan club.)

10:43 — Jennifer gets 9s from Len and Carrie Ann, 10 from Bruno.

10:44 — Bristol gets 9s across the board. Brooke needs to widen her questions beyond “How nervous are you?” and “How proud are you?”

10:45 — The third-place finisher will be revealed … after this commercial break.

10:46 — Scores: Jennifer 118, Kyle 110, Bristol 104 … they got more votes than ever before.

10:47 — And the third-place finisher is: BRISTOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:50 — Bristol will not win. The boycott will not happen. And DWTS maintains its credibility.

10:51 — Umm, those two are totally dating. Showing the highlights video. Mark loves that girl.

10:52 — Brooke says everyone will miss Bristol and Mark, apparently unaware there’s only 8 minutes left in the season.

10:54 — People going NUTS that Bristol did not win. Seriously, the show’s credibility would have been shot. I wonder if the producers were voting like crazy to prevent it, LOL. If they could get through …

10:55 — OK, so do we think Jennifer has it sewed up now? I’m thrilled Kyle is in the top two.

10:56 — The new champs are: JENNIFER AND DEREK.

10:57 — Jennifer’s crying! She overcame injury!

10:58 — Kyle thanks his fans. AWWW! Wait, did Jennifer thank her fans?

10:59 — So Derek has won three trophies now — Brooke, Nicole and now Jennifer.

11:00 — Where is Jamie Lee Curtis? I expected to see her out there with Jennifer celebrating.

Thanks everyone for joining us tonight! What do you think — did the right person win? Leave your thoughts below. I am going to drown my sorrows over Kyle not winning in a cup of tea …

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40 thoughts on “Dancing With The Stars Finale Live Blog: Updating All Night Long!

  1. Amanda King says:

    Is this show called “Dancing with the Stars, or Dancing with the Amateurs?” When did Bristol Plain become a star? Why is she allowed to compete with real stars? Boooooooo!

  2. C. Bescch says:

    Bristol’s comment from last evening that if she wins it will be a middle (mumble) to all those who hate her mom and her, has nothing to do with this show. Obviously she does not realize is that the voting should be on talent; this is a talent show and not a political forum. She does not have the talent that warrants her to win – which has nothing to do with hating her or her mom.

  3. Susan Martin says:

    Just hoping that Jennifer doesn’t get hurt and that she wins. She is the best dancer hands down and the judges feel the same. It is sad to see Bristol there. Brandy was so much better. They need to change the voting.

  4. jerry pearce says:

    Come on Jennifer. You’ve played the sympathy card way long enough. There is no way you ruptured a disc yesterday, and the doc fixed you this morning. BULL CRAP!!!

  5. coquette says:

    Kyle’s tango just aired. This is definitely not his dance, nor is it Lacey’s. He doesn’t have the finesse he needs for it.

  6. christine says:

    can’t watch – won’t watch – please let she – who’s name shold not be spoken (BP/SP) go away – God save us all

  7. coquette says:

    Bristol doing the tango–Ugh!!

  8. Maureen Lyons says:

    Bristol is a mess…give me a break—bo style, no rhythm…a total joke.

  9. Maureen Lyons says:

    sorry, meant to say “no style”

  10. Alex says:

    i was wondering if anyone knows the name of the song that the group dance was just performed to?

  11. Maureen Lyons says:

    the air guitar is a violation of the “no break hold” rule…mandatory deduction

  12. Jeff says:

    if palin wins this thing is rigged for sure

  13. coquette says:

    And Jennifer is all grace, talent, and perfection!!

  14. Maureen Lyons says:

    did Jennifer stumble? Not sure….

  15. Guest says:

    Here’s an idea. The entire Palin family on WipeOut.

  16. Maureen Lyons says:

    Bristol needs to loose the puss and snarls….bad sport….like her mom

  17. CHELSEA says:

    God I hope Jennifer loses. I’m so tired of this “i’m injured” “I hurt myself” card she pulls every week for sympathy. Once, I felt sorry. Now, I feel like she is whining non stop. Maybe we should have given HER spot to Brandy. She never even whined about low scores or getting kicked off. Better sport? I think so.

  18. Conmac says:

    Do we know who wins yet?

  19. Katie says:

    To the girl Chelsea that comment. The whole point of the show it to vote for the BEST dancer, note vote for the person that complains the least. Yes Jennifer has talked about her injuries but she is an INCREDIBLE dancer, better than all of them and that’s what the show is about so she deserves to win.

  20. Rob says:

    so we still have 3 finalists? one didn’t get pulled yet? (obviously not watching right now)

  21. Maureen Lyons says:

    Bristol…the unwed mother next door…let’s get real here…

  22. Bonnie says:

    I want to thank Toni and everyone else that is making comments. I’m in Los Angeles and living every minute through all of you. I voted for Jennifer 25 times last night!

  23. Mrs. Doubtfire says:

    Let’s see, Brandy killed an innocent person on the 405 in Cali texting and speeding.. (can you say murder) Jennifer Grey was a professional dancer for years and has a whole lot of plastic surgery… Yes real nice ladies we have there.

  24. Kel says:

    Actually, I think the point of the show is to vote for your FAVORITE dancer…at least that’s what Tom always says. Go Bristol or Kyle!

  25. Maureen Lyons says:

    Are those judges smoking crack? Bristol does not deserve those scores. Ugh.

  26. poobs says:

    Man..People are WAY too into this show! Freaking out that a girl has stayed on this show? Geebus! It’s just a show, folks!

  27. poobs says:

    Uhh..Can I say show one more time? But my opinion still stands! It’s just!

  28. Maureen Lyons says:

    Yesssss—there is a god!

  29. Bonnie says:

    I so agree with Maureen. YES, there is a God! Yippie Ya Yo Ka AAAAAA

  30. christine says:

    DWTS did not totally lose credability – just a bit

  31. Katie says:

    Jennifer Grey was never a professional dancer! Get your facts straight. I really can’t believe that people think just because she danced in a great movie that it makes her a professional. It’s like saying if someone plays football for a movie role then they are now a professional. Every heard of acting? That was her job, you’d think people would know that. She hasn’t been dancing.

  32. Jeff says:

    so who won?

  33. Bonnie says:

    I am so thrilled and relieved. Congrats to the deserving couple. Now I can get on with my west coast life 3 hours early. LOL

  34. Barston says:

    Sanity prevails! I’d have loved to see Kyle win, but either Jennifer or Kyle over the lumbering polar bear is wonderful. Kyle is truly the most improved dancer, and he seems to have an approachable persona, unlike the other two. Bristol needs to let go of her Palin ego (which she never will, since the name brings her $$$$), and Jennifer…..can’t figure her out…..sort of seems like she hasn’t grown past Baby.

  35. Anna says:

    I’m so happy for Jennifer. Well deserved

  36. Gina says:

    In response to the comment left by “Mrs Doubtfire” (way to hide behind internet anonymity)…. Jennifer has never been a professional dancer. She trained for what she had to do in Dirty Dancing- the end. It was mostly Patrick that did the dancing and he was in fact, the professional dancer. Plastic surgery? A nose job does not constitute “a whole lot.” As for Brandy, texting was never a factor in her accident. Which was just that- a misfortunate accident. She’s expressed her sorrow over this many times.

    Get your facts before you spread falsities. These LADIES worked hard to get to where they got in the competition, and in their professional lives.

  37. Charles says:

    I enjoy this show, the dancing, music, costumes but the fervor that many people have over the results … we are on the brink of another war with North Korea and all you hear about is adolescent nonsense about the results….. who cares about Jennifer or Bristol or any of them really (i voted for Kyle myself)but lets get real folks. This show is for entertainment only and has no bearing on any of our lives.

  38. Jeff says:

    who did win

  39. bulldog1962 says:

    wtf letting a freak like “chas bono” be on a nationionally syndicated show like dwts i’ll never watch it again. he/she is fucked up in the head and should be pychologically examined and should not be allowed to tarnish a good show like dwts. the producers should be fired for allowing this!

  40. debra manchaca says:

    Can’t believe they didn’t thank Blake Shelton…omg…so rude…so wrong. They only thanked the dancers. Wrong.

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