Dancing With The Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis Cheers On Jennifer Grey AGAIN! (VIDEO)


Jennifer GreyJamie Lee Curtis is quite the cheerleader. Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team, and in the realm of Dancing with the Stars there is one lucky dancer who has the Jamie Lee Curtis mojo working it’s magic Jennifer Grey.

Jamie Lee Curtis has been at EVERY Dancing with the Stars performance episodes since the beginning except for one. She missed week three but for a very good reason, she had to attend her father’s funeral in Las Vegas. But the following week she was back in the Jennifer Grey bull pen along side Jennifer’s young daughter.

Will Jamie Lee Curtis be there until the bitter end? We know Jennifer Grey will go to the finale, and is on her way to winning. And will this inspire Jamie Lee to participate next season? She was asked to dance but said no. “They’ve knocked,” she said. “No one was home. I just don’t have the family time for that amount of work.”

Would you like to see Jamie Lee Curtis take to the dance floor?