Dancing with the Stars: Move Over Bristol, Here Comes Lindsay Lohan (Video)


dancing with the starsIs Lindsay Lohan joining Dancing with the Stars?

The fall season of Dancing with the Stars is barely over and the rumblings of potential cast members for the spring season are starting to emerge.  The latest report by RadarOnline suggests that Lindsay Lohan may be dancing her way out of rehab when the spring season of the hit ABC show takes off.

See Lindsay Lohan show off her dancing skills at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards below…

The dancing competition has hit its stride with a string of controversial castings.  First we had Kate Gosselin attempting to dance last year and Bristol Palin brought a whole new world of controversy this fall.  Now it appears that show wants to keep building on its ratings with another potential controversial star — Lindsay Lohan as she sets off to rebuild her career following stints in rehab and jail.

Dancing with the Stars producers have had Lindsay on their wish list of castmates for a very long time,” a source tells the website. 

The high profile gig would give Lindsay the chance to present herself to the public in a whole new light while earning a huge paycheck at the same time. 

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan potentially signing on for Dancing with the Stars?