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dancing with the stars live blog
Dancing with the Stars Premiere Live Blog

Ready to get down and talk Dancing with the Stars?  We’ll be live blogging the entire premiere so stop by to get your recap, talk some trash or just check in on your favorite dancer is doing. 

Here’s how it will work: I’ll be updating the post throughout the show giving you a recap of every celebrity sighting, breaking down each dance, and giving you all the dirt as it happens.    Make sure you update your browser frequently to get updates, see new comments, and get into the conversation.  Remember that every comment is moderated so yours won’t show up immediately.

Here we go!

7:00 – It’s the breakdown of this season’s stars.  I can’t wait for Kirstie Alley, Kendra Wilkinson, and Ralph Macchio!

7:04 – Disney star Chelsey Kane admits to kissing Joe Jonas and it didn’t suck!  She’s reveals that her career has kept her from ever dancing with a boy.   Enter Mark Ballas and some major flirting.

7:05 Here comes Chelsea and Mark’s foxtrot and they are laying on the floor.  Wow, the Disney gal is setting the bar high with her graceful moves and youthful pressence.  And they end the dance back on the floor.   The reviews are in: Len calls them young and fresh, Bruno says she has a lot of talent once she learns how to control it, Carrie Ann wants her to connect her movements.   Chelsea’s Scores: Len = 7, Bruno = 7, Carrie Ann = 7

7:10 Kyle Massey sighting.

7:15 Wendy Williams is up with her too much attitude.  Here comes her partner Tony Dovalani full of his own brand of attitude.  Oh boy, we have tears already and it’s only the first dance.  They will be dancing the Cha Cha.  It ain’t pretty.  She has the curves of Niecy Nash without the confidence.

7:18 The reviews are in…. Bruno wants her to show her fire and personality.   Carrie Ann sees real fear in her eyes and wants her to unleash the beast.  Len noticed her dumplings boiling over… um ok.  Wendy’s scores: Len = 4, Bruno = 5, Carrie Ann = 5

7:27 Are you ready for some football?  Here comes Hines Ward with partner Kym Johnson.  He’s ready to scare the other competitors and show off his killer smile.   Hines is dancing the Cha Cha too.    He’s not too bad for a football dude, but Kym’s doing a lot of moving to cover up his moves.  There’s Steelers love in the house!

7:30 The reviews are in…. Carrie Ann says its the sparkliest Cha Cha she’s ever seen…. Len says that he continues the tradition of footballers being about to dance (and he admired his bottom!)…. Bruno says he has natural performance talent.  Hines scores are:  Carrie Ann = 7, Len = 7, Bruno = 7

7:37 PM Supermodel Petra Nemcova and partner Dmitry Chaplin are on deck. Dmitry says it best, “Wow she’s hot.”  Petra dedicates her performance to the Japan earthquake and tsunami.  They are dancing the foxtrot. Petra definitely has some natural grace, but looks a little stiff in her dancing.  Love the end when he gives her his coat.

7:39 PM The reviews are in…. Len likes the grace of the routine, but he’s concerned about next week’s Jive… Bruno says there were some moments of extreme beauty… Carrie Ann says Petra is stunning and loves her natural grace.  The scores are in: Carrie Ann = 6, Len = 6, Bruno = 6

7:44 PM Romeo is up with partner Chelsea Hightower.  Recap of how he ended up off the cast of season two after an ankle injury.  Here comes Chelsea and some fireworks!  Romeo shows off his moves and its hammer time.  His moves come courtesy of MC Hammer and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  Drama time — Romeo doesn’t want to look goofy or uncool. 

7:51 Here comes Romeo’s Cha Cha and there is definitely some fireworks on stage.  He’s a bit more awkward than I expected, but holding his own for tonight.  The reviews are in…. Bruno quotes Shakespeare… Carrie Ann loves the sexual energy between the couple…. Len wants him to be less casual and carefree.   Romeo’s scores are: Carrie Ann = 7, Len = 6, Bruno = 6

8:00 It’s boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard and Anna Trebunskaya.  Anna promises to break him into a dancer!  It’s time for Ray to put his defenses down and open himself up to the dance.  Sugar Ray is making a comeback on the dancefloor.  The dancing is good, but Ray needs to learn not to pull his face.  Loved it! 

8:04 The reviews are in….  Carrie Ann declares him to be a fan favorite…. Len compares the performance to beer and a pizza… Bruno says his hold is like a ninja turtle.   Sugar Ray’s scores: Carrie Ann = 6, Len = 5, Bruno = 6

8:07 Next up is sexy tomboy Kendra Wilkinson and partner Louis Van Amstel.  Louis is STILL whining about never winning the mirror balled trophy.  It’s apparently time for some booty shaking.  Kendra promises to be classy hot!

8:12 Here comes Kendra’s first dance – the Cha Cha.  Kendra is bound to be another fan favorite based on the crowd reaction, but she does need to work on her dance steps.  Kendra is surprisingly stiff and a bit floppy.  Love her outfit though!

8:14 PM Hugh Hefner sighting.

8:15 PM The reviews are in for Kendra Wilkinson… Len says she has to work on her leg work…. Bruno says she can strut her stuff…. Carrie Ann says she loves her spunk.  Kendra’s scores: Carrie Ann = 6, Len = 6, Bruno = 6

8:15 PM Hank Baskett sighting!  Dana Delaney sighting.

8:21 PM Ralph Macchio kicks the competion into high gear!   How is it possible that he still looks the same?  Ralph is partnered with Karina Sminoff.   Gotta start the practice with the crane — you go Karina. 

8:24 Ralph and Karina go to old Hollywood for their foxtrot.  I’m placing my bets on Ralph making it to the finale!!  Look at those moves.  Best performance of the night.  Not bad for a 49-year old kid! 

8:25 PM The reviews are in…. Bruno calls him a hit with great showmanship, but declares his hand creepy…. Carrie Ann calls it an amazing surprise….. Len says he has great potential and calls it the best foxtrot of the night.  Ralph’s scores are in: Carrie Ann = 8, Len =8 , Bruno = 8

8:32 WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho is set to hit the stage with Cheryl Burke.  She can’t wait to bring out his natural performer!  Cheryl says his biggest issue is his body (I don’t agree!)  Oh boy, rocker Cha Cha.  The shirt is giving me David Hasselhoff vibes!  Kinda creepy in my opinion.  The reviews are in…. Carrie Ann liked it…. Len says his hips must be allergic to music…. Bruno calls him a dancing beast.  Chris’ scores are in: Carrie Ann = 7, Len = 6 , Bruno = 6

8:41 PM Love Line host Mike Catherwood (Psycho Mike) takes pride in being the least known person on the cast.  His partner is Lacey Schwimmer who half blond this season (time to get those roots done).  We may not know his name, but the boy has some moves.  The reviews are in….. Len wasn’t a fan of the dance quality…. Bruno calls it uncoordinated….. Carrie Ann says the boys are being too hard on him.   Mike’s scores are: Carrie Ann = 5, Len = 4, Bruno = 4

8:52 PM Last on the floor is Cheers star and outspoken actress Kirstie Alley.  Kirstie reveals that this is an experiment to see how far she can push herself and still live.  Her partner is the also outspoken Maksim Chmerkovskiy looks like a match made in heaven.  Kirstie admits to being a DWTS ‘ho.  Now Kirstie shows ’em how its done at 60 and the girl can move!  I’m calling it now Kirstie and Ralph in the finale. 

8:58 Kirstie brings the crowd to their feet!  The reviews are in…. Bruno says we’re just scratching at the surface of her dance skills… Carrie Ann says the performance was unbelievable….. Len says it was fun and cheeky.  The scores are in…. Carrie Ann = 8, Len = 7, Bruno = 8

That’s it for this week!  Tune in next week to check out the latest crop of stars and see who goes home.

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