Dancing With the Stars Romance: Are Brandi And Maks Dating? The Truth Behind The Rumors!

are brandi and maks dating
Maks changed his Twitter avatar to this: Are Brandi and Maks dating?

Another season of “Dancing with the Stars,” another 10 weeks of speculation over who is hooking up off the dance floor, and this time it looks like it may be singer/mom Brandi Norwood and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, the dreamy Russian who seemed to sweep Erin Andrews off her feet last season! Are Brandi and Maks dating? Read on to find out!

So far both of them deny rumors of a romance, but they’ve definitely got chemistry and Maks has a history of getting oh-so-close to his ballroom partners. In fact, in a new interview, he denied the Brandi romance rumors, but refused to comment on widespread speculation that he and Erin were an item.

They totally had the best banter of any couple, but I never thought their romance would last they are both too fiery.

But while Brandi and Maks insist they’re just friends, one look at his tweets seems to tell a different story notice his new avatar to the left, and this tweet after last week’s performance: “@4everBrandy I’m very proud of you! You did amazing!!! Keep looking this great and I’ll do the rest 😉 (look at my avatar)!!!!”


Photo: Twitter