Dancing with the Stars Saved Jennifer Gray's Life! Really!


Jennifer Grey

Dancing with the Stars may have saved Jennifer Grey‘s life. Really. Some look at Dancing with the Stars as a way to save their careers, it usually isn’t credited as saving lives. But due to Jennifer Grey’s participation in the show, a cancer which could have spread, was caught in time. So how did Dancing with the Stars save her life?

Patrick Swayze had inspired her to doing Dancing with the Stars. She had said no several times but after Swayze passed away from cancer, she decided to do the participate, Swayze had been a fan an champion for the show.

All contestants of the show must go through a complete physical before they begin practicing for the show. After going through a routine examination she also saw a neurologist to look into the chronic neck pain she had been experiencing. The doctors looked into a nodule that was on Jennifer neck, a bump that she thought was “nothing.” But it turned out it was actually cancerous. The nodule has been removed during two surgeries and she is cancer free. She showed off her scar on Monday’s episode.  On cancer she said:

“I have been living my life very differently [to how Patrick lived his], and right now — especially since his passing, and my surgeries and having had cancer myself, and turning 50, and seeing so many of my friends with cancer who are my age — it’s kind of [an] epidemic,” she said. “And I have to say, it’s given me a sense of: If not now… when? When are you supposed to reclaim the joy that you had as a young person.”

Jennifer was very lucky to have discovered the cancer before it got worse. What would have happened if she didn’t sign up for the show? Would it have gone ignored? And if you believe in that sort of thing, could it be looked at Swayze’s parting gift to Gray, him inspiring her to do the show was the catalyst to catch the cancer and perhaps save her life?

Photo: ABC