Dancing with the Stars 2011: Ralph Macchio Nails It!


ralph-macchioI already have my favorite on Dancing With the Stars season 12,  it’s Ralph Macchio, of course!  The Karate Kid NAILED his dance tonight and the 80’s teen idol danced like a dream!

Now let’s face it, The kid is now a 49-year-old. But Ralph Macchio moved like heartthrob I remember from the 80’s hit The Karate Kid.

DWTS Judge Carrie Ann Inaba said she was “shocked that [Macchio] had so much elegance in your hold.”

When DWTS has a teen star as a contestant from the ‘80s, that’s who I’m going to root for because I’m a lady from the ’80s!  I’m not alone.

The Washington Post Celebritology blog has one small request for the producers of Dancing with the Stars for next season:

“Note to Dancing With the Stars producers: if you could cast the next season based solely on who was in Tiger Beat circa 1985, that would be fantastic.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Before tonight’s DWTS premiere, some media pundits were predicting a #FAIL for the Dancing with the Stars 2011 season.  They are so wrong!  Because The Karate Kid Ralph Macchio makes DWTS season 12 worth watching!