Dancing With The Stars Season 12: Where Is Derek Hough?

derek hough
Why is Derek Hough Absent From Dancing With The Stars Season 12?

Did you watch the premiere of Dancing With The Stars Season 12 tonight? This is going to be a very exciting season, as they finally cast some great people! Some names in the lineup this season include Kendra Wilkinson, Ralph Macchio, Hines Ward, and Kirstie Alley.

All of our favorite Dancing With The Stars professionals are back, but one was noticeably absent. Where is Derek Hough this season?

Derek Hough’s girlfriend is British babe Cheryl Cole, and there are rumors going around that he decided not to appear on DWTS because he wanted to be with her. Are you buying that excuse?

Julianne Hough, Derek Hough’s sister is also sitting out this season of Dancing With The Stars. Guess she’s too busy with Ryan Seacrest?