Dancing with the Stars: Was Audrina Patridge Robbed? 3 Reasons Why She Got the Boot


Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars finally provided some drama, surprise and some shock this week. One of the judges favorites, Hills star Audrina Patridge, was voted off the show. So why was it that Audrina got the boot rather than dancers who weren’t as technically finished as she got to stay? Most would have thought that Kurt Warner, Rick Fox or Bristol Palin would have left the show before the fit and finessed Audrina. Here are 3 reasons why she her dancing days were numbered.

1)     Her dances were devoid of emotion. While she twirled around the dance floor she appeared stone faced which made her seem dead, boring and nervous. All at the same time. The TV viewers  apparently didn’t feel anything for her probably due in part for her not feeling anything on the dance floor.

2)     The Dancing with the Stars demographic leans more to the older set than the current MTV generation. And Audrina is a MTV reality star. It comes of no surprise that both she and The Situation didn’t make it to the finals.

3)     She wasn’t an underdog and she wasn’t a dancing super star…she was right in the middle. Bristol Palin is probably racking in the votes because she is such an underdog. And Brandy is such a pro that her votes are probably through the roof. So it makes sense that Audrina, who wasn’t a dancing sensation and yet wasn’t an underdog made it so her destiny was in jeopardy.