Dancing with the Stars - Will Kirstie Alley's A-List Friends Show Up to Support Her?

kirstie alley dancing with the stars
Kirstie Alley Dancing with the Stars

Jennifer Grey had Jamie Lee Curtis cheering her on in the audience last season.  I wonder which of Kirsti Alley’s A-List friends will show up to support her as the twelfth season of Dancing with the Stars kicks off later tonight. 

Which of Kirstie Alley’s fabulous friends will show up to cheer her on at DWTS?

On the top of her fan list should be John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston.   The couple have been friends of Kirstie’s dating back to those awful talking baby movies, Look Who’s Talking, Look Who’s Talking Too, and Look Who’s Talking Now.    They even went so far as to make an appearance on her short-lived reality show Kirstie Alley’s Big Life. 

Maybe Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will stop by to show their support of their fellow Scientologist.   She has famously stood up for him on his various controversial rants so its time that he paid her back with a big old standing ovation.  

How about Ted Danson and his wife Mary Steenburgen?  It’s been a long time since Cheers wrapped up, it would be nice to see him cheering on his former castmate. 

What famous Hollywood player would you like to see show up to support Kirstie on Dancing with the Stars?