Dancing with the Stars Season 13: Will Chynna Phillips Win it All? Here's a Clue!

Chynna Phillips on DWTS

Yes, the first episode of Dancing with the Stars 2011 may be a bit early to declare a winner, but from the looks of the debut dancing of the wide variety of stars and celebrities there seems to already be a leader.Who is already showing off their dance floor magic?

Chynna Phillips. She is known for being part of the pop group Wilson Phillips, is married to Billy Baldwin and is a proud  mom. And she hopes vice versa. At the end of her dance she said that, “I’m just hoping my kids are proud of me!”

And we bet they will be, since she’s already made quite an impact…and there are a couple of clues that she could be the one taking home the coveted mirror ball…First, there were the judges comments. Some of things they said? That her performance was, “not the best first  dance we’ve ever seen  but it was close.” That she “stepped out of a dream and into my heart. the talent is there.” And one stated that she is, “such a graceful dancer. Perfection. That was magical.”

The other big clue. It’s hard not to conjure up thought of that other star of yore, another middle aged mom who shined on the dance floor – last year’s winner Jennifer Grey. Something about their poise, their focus and being second generation entertainers – it all adds up to dancing gold.

Do you think that Chynna Phillips is destined to win?

Photo: ABC