Dancing With The Stars Winner 2010: Bristol Palin Robbed?

dancing with the stars 2010 winner
Dancing With The Stars 2010 Winner: Bristol Palin Robbed?

The Dancing With The Stars winner 2010 was announced last night, and much to everyone’s delight, Jennifer Grey was chosen as the competitor who won Dancing With The Stars. I guess it’s true that “nobody puts Baby in a corner,” but did Bristol Palin get robbed of being the DWTS winner because people got too wrapped up politics?

Jennifer Grey definitely had a great season on Dancing With The Stars, and it was no big surprise that she won the Dancing With The Stars finale 2010. But some people will argue that Jennifer Grey may have had an unfair advantage over Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey because of her prior dancing experience in her hit film, Dirty Dancing.

Bristol Palin was not the best dancer on Dancing With The Stars 2010, but she did improve quite a bit from her first performance to her last. If DWTS is truly about teaching non-dancers to dance, then Bristol Palin probably should have won Dancing With The Stars.

What do you think? Should Bristol Palin have been the Dancing With The Stars winner 2010?