Dancing With The Stars Winner: Five Reasons Why Jennifer Grey Won DWTS


jennifer grey dancing with the stars winner
Jennifer Grey Dancing With The Stars Winner

Who won Dancing With The Stars 2010? The Dancing With The Stars winner has been announced, and Jennifer Grey has taken home the title of the winner of DWTS! Jennifer Grey definitely deserved to be the Dancing With The Stars 2010 winner. She worked hard this season, and proved herself to be an incredible dancer. She was consistent week after week, and everyone is thrilled that Jennifer Grey won DWTS.

Jennifer Grey is the Dancing With The Stars winner due to a combination of factors. Here are five reasons why Jennifer Grey won Dancing With The Stars:

1. Jennifer Grey was consistent each and every week on Dancing With The Stars 2010. She never faltered, always did her best, and gave great performances.

2. Let’s be honest…Jennifer has dancing experience. There is no way that anyone can deny that judging from her role in her iconic film, Dirty Dancing.

3. The judges adored Jennifer Grey. They were more impressed with her dancing skills each and every week, and even gave her perfect 10s on her last few DWTS performances.

4. She has impressed viewers for the great shape she’s in at the age of 50! (I hope to look half that good when I’m her age)! Plus, Jennifer Grey overcame her injuries each and every week to come out on top.

5. Jennifer Grey deserved to win. Do we really need to say anything else?

Congratulations to Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough on being the Dancing With The Stars Winner!