Danica McKellar & Draco Are Baseball Buddies

danica mckellar, alyssa milano
Danica McKellar takes her son to his first baseball game.

If you add Alyssa Milano, that makes three!

Former Wonder Years actress Danica McKellar and her nearly 1-year-old son, Draco, attended a Dodgers game – Draco’s very first baseball game.

McKellar tweeted this message along with a photo saying, “Draco loved his first Dodger game! Thanks, @mattkawczynski! Can’t help but think of @alyssamilano…:) #Dodgers pic.”

Fellow 90s child star Milano tweeted back saying, “@danicamckellar Awww. You both look beautiful. Thank you for thinking of me.”

McKellar finished with “@Alyssa_Milano Thank you! Been thinking of you a lot as you near the big day… :) I’m here if you want any advice or support.”

It’s great to see these two young moms stick together through the years.

[Photo via Twitter.]