Danica McKellar on Today Show: Pregnancy and Math Books (Video)


Danica McKellarFormer The Wonder Years actress Danica McKellar was on the Today show this morning looking oh-so-cute, and admitting that she was actually 11 weeks pregnant during that sexy Maxim photo shoot.

Danica McKellar is pregnant with her first baby, says she’s gained 30 pounds so far and is due mid-September.

Danica was 12-years-old when she started on The Wonder Years, and was only supposed to be on the pilot episode.

Now, almost 20 years after playing Winnie Cooper, she has released a third book about algebra!

More child stars should look to Danica McKellar’s example, as she’s proved to be an excellent role model for young girls. Maybe Lindsay Lohan should have studied up on her math!

Danica McKellar has been one of my favorite bump watches as of late I just love how excited over being pregnant she is, and it’s especially fun to hear that her Wonder Years co-star Fred Savage thinks she’ll make a great mom.

What do you think about Danica McKellar writing math books? Should she do more acting gigs, focus on mathematics… or a combination?