Danielle Staub Has One Of Those Videos, Sets Horrible Example For Her Daughters


Danielle Staub is desperately seeking fame. Apparently on the Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian plan (though doing it a bit out of order), she has gone on reality TV, is recording what is sure to be an ear-scarring pop song, and is now coming out with a video tape in which she does not wear clothes and engages in unmentionable acts. Surprising behavior for the New Jersey Housewife known as the resident villain and a term that rhymes with frostitution flore? No, not really.

It is however, really sad. Danielle has two daughters, Christine and Jillian, who have to deal with their mother’s hurtful and embarrassing exploits. Unlike someone like Kendra Wilkinson, Danielle didn’t make the tape years ago when she was young, naive, didn’t have children, or know that she was going to be famous. Instead she decided it would be a fantastic idea just this past September.

What’s disturbing is that it looks like Danielle has decided of her own will to release the tape of her with a mystery man. Just last summer she blocked her ex-boyfriend Stephen Zalewski from releasing a similar tape.  While one would have assumed she was trying to protect her reputation and what little respect she has for herself and her children, it seems that she was merely worried about bad lighting.

Christine, 16, is old enough to know what is going on and with a new job as a model with IMG, this could effect not just her psyche but also her budding career. Jillian, 12, is also at an age where she and her peer group will be aware of the tape. Both girls are at an age where they are discovering their own sexuality, which is confusing for any child. Go ahead kids and objectify and degrade yourselves, is apparently Danielle’s motherly wisdom.

Danielle has not come out with a statement yet, but even if she does fuss and deny any claim that she meant for this to be made public, I think everyone will be hard-pressed to believe her. The footage is timed to be made available next Monday, just in time for the next installment of Housewives. Well, whaddayaknow?

It isn’t illegal for a mother to behave the way she is, but the mental abuse going on is disgusting. What can be said of this really? I guess that hopefully she makes enough money off the tape’s release to pay for her children’s years of therapy.