Danielle Staub: Is This Why She Isn't Married?

danielle staub
Danielle Staub poses at the Gen Art Film Festival.

Now that Danielle Staub is officially no longer a part of Real Housewives of New Jersey, she’s become that much more candid about her personal life. The reality star recently spoke with Steppin’ Out Magazine, and RadarOnline printed some of her excerpts.

Staub came clean about being a bisexual, saying, “I’ve had six relationships with women.” Though she won’t flat out say she’s a bisexual. “I don’t really like labels. I’m trying to keep that part of my life as private as possible.” Then perhaps she shouldn’t be revealing exactly how many relationships she’s had with women–just a thought.

And aside from her attraction to women, Staub also admitted to having an intimate relationship with the popstar, Prince–she even said “he is the best kisser in the world.” Staub said she’s had relationships with other celebrities as well, though she’s not ready to name names just yet (but she’s more than willing to imply).

Could all of this be the reason Staub hasn’t settled down and married? And how might her daughters feel about their mom coming clean about all of this in public?


Photo: Darla Khazei,